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Guided Group Healing Meditation
and Angel Healing Circle

To Be Announced

Time 8:30-9:45 PM Eastern Time
 FREE Guided Meditation

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Teleconference Access Number.

  • Exit the chaos of our lives.

  • Release and cleanse negative energy.

  • Create a deeper inner connection to soul, spirit and source.

  • Raise your energy vibration.

  • Learn self-healing methods.

  • Anchor the light and assist in healing the planet.

  • The meditation will last approximately  60 minutes.

Meditations will vary each month. Some topics will  include cleaning the energy field, healing fragments, manifesting, meeting your guides, past life visitations,  receiving, connecting and aligning with soul and source, exploring dimensions and self, and connecting with the other side to visit friends and relatives.

There are no beeps and you can enter, exit and enter again as many times as is convenient to you throughout the call without disturbing the other participants.

Why do group meditations?

When 2 or more people are gathered, the
energy of the intention is multiplied exponentially.

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       About Registration

The teleconference phone number and access number will be emailed out to all registrants before the teleconference. Access numbers change with each teleconference. Please register at least a day or two in advance and no later than 5pm  on the scheduled date.

You must register far enough in advance to receive the  access number by email.  On fee based meditations, there will be NO refunds allowed after the teleconference numbers  are sent to you.

Teleconference Information and Instructions

Registration is FREE.

To receive the Access Number, you must register. 

REGISTER  here - Click
Contact Jan  and send your  name in the email and  the word  "Registration" in the subject line of your email.

If this link does not work for you, please send an email to and send your  name in the email and  the word  "Registration" in the subject line of your email.

Thank you for participating.

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Meditation Teleconference 




Jan thank you so much this meditation was amazing and wonderful. Thank you so much!!! At one point when we were cleaning a chakra and balancing them when we got to the third eye chakra I literally felt God come down and kiss me on the forehead on the chakra and all the angels did next it was amazing!!! And your meditations are life changing!! I look forward to them every month and I'm just so grateful that we do them. I love when you mentioned cutting cords this time-  there was two big cords I needed to cut and I did it. I just feel like life improves so much more when we do the meditations together.  I just wanna tell you how grateful I am and God bless you for doing these. I think not only are you raising your vibrations but you are raising the vibration of the whole planet!! Wow! I feel special and blessed to be a part of them!!! J

9-12-13      Heal Your Fragments Guided  Meditation

I am truly amazed at what has come up in this Fragment Healing meditation by Jan Meryl. The meditation was easy and gentle, yet shockingly powerful and effective. After working with my fragments, I am feeling much stronger and powerful in my life. I am becoming the person I always have been, but couldn't access. With this mediation I was able to heal what years of therapy could not. Jan Meryl is truly a gift!

L from Boston, Massachusetts

I experienced a wonderful healing and fulfilling connection with a fragment from my teenage years doing Jan's Fragment Healing meditation. I was able to see how a pattern of victimhood and lack of confidence has evolved from an emotional teenage trauma. The guided meditation gave me wonderfully effective tools and awareness to make changes and reclaim my peace. I felt guided, loved and connected with my higher self and guides throughout the meditation. Thank you Jan. This is a perfect, gentle and loving way to open up to truth that sets me free from fear.

M from Colorado

I participated in your Healing Fragments meditation last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was able to go into a deep meditation (which has been eluding me lately) and into an altered state.  Felt totally relaxed at the end.  I couldn't believe how quickly the time went by. 

PT from Virginia


God Bless you for doing these meditations Jan!!! They help more than you know!!! I look forward to them every month!!! :) :)

          5/10/13  Peace Meditation

These meditations are helping me heal my life!!! And the planet!!!! I love when we send love & healing to the whole planet and universe. Every time we do it I release what is not useful anymore and I am more and more in tune with my angels and my own intuition- and more in balance which I have learned is my true state!!!  I feel like I am on my way to my true purpose for coming to this earth- to help others and help bring the planet into the higher ascension/evolution!!! And to think it all started with a phone call to you in 2004 and your recommendations to... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! I really could never thank you enough!!!!!!!

 5-10-13  Peace Meditation

Thanks again for the meditation an effort to promote peace after your meditations, I have found myself more tolerant.  I seem to be complaining less and finding alternate paths  instead.  This has lead to kinder interactions.  And in turn have more peace myself.
4/10/13 Meditation

Hi Jan,

I, too, felt a much higher vibrations Wednesday.  The experience was encompassing.

3/13/13 Meditation

I LOVED the meditation last night. It was very emotional and healing for me! The red color made me cry (was releasing a lot of loneliness pain) and the purple I felt like I REALLY connected to spirit!! Thank you!!

Thank you, Jan! This was another spectacular meditation! Each one is so different and so perfect. I can't wait for you to record them all. I will be your first customer :-)

Thank you so very much for the opportunity! 
you have an amazing voice, very soothing.
Thanks for taking us to such a lovely place and space tonight.  It was perfect and I felt the energy strongly.   Really nice.  


Thanks for offering this lovely experience and for all you share from your heart!  Looking forward to the call tomorrow.

12-12-12 Meditation

Thank you so much Jan! It means so much to me and I was so excited to take part in such a special event on a special day that will help the planet go forward into our ascension. The healing circle was SO important for me . The angels have started the healing process on this and assured me all will be ok! Thank you so much for the wisdom and knowledge of the crystalline grid.

10/10/12 Meditation

THANK YOU JAN!!! This group meditation was life changing!!! I wish so badly you recorded it and I could purchase a copy of it so I could do it everyday. It was beautiful. I felt at oneness with the group, the earth, universe, god & angels...of all that is. I had never had that feeling before. It was the most beautiful thing I think I have experienced.  If you recorded that I would love to buy a copy and do it everyday and be a testimonial on your website of the results. I am going through some changes with where I live and there have been some unexpected disappointments and blessings and well days when it is overwhelming. I think this meditation along with exercise, church, etc. will guide me through this transition. After all we are all in a transition in one form or another right now. Jan you are a blessing, a teacher, a lightworker, a beautiful soul with beautiful gifts you so generously share with all of us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You'll never know how much you have made a difference in my life!

10/10/12 Meditation

I really appreciate these meditations that you are doing. They are unique. I haven't heard anything even similar, and they work for me.

10/10/12 Meditation

That meditation was wonderful! I would like this meditation recorded! I have tried doing the chakra clearing and filling my bubble on my own, but it is easier to do with guidance. Your creativity is endless and you have so much experience. It was incredibly helpful and I feel wonderful. That, plus some of the affirmations that the guides give would be the icing on my cake :-)

Answer from Jan:
The monthly teleconferences are helping me to develop guided group healing meditations for CD and  download in the near future.  These  meditations  help me to tweak the content for the recordings.
I am currently working  on the fragment healing meditation and the chakra clearing meditation. So any email feedback after the teleconference call, both positive and negative, will be very helpful and very much appreciated. I will make a note to do one on affirmations.

Re: 9/12/12 Meditation

Thanks  for the teleconference last week!  It was very relaxing and healing.  I really feel connected with spirit during the teleconferences.   Maybe even more so than when I meditate alone because you get me to a real relaxed state. Overall it was a great experience and I appreciate all the help you've given me!  I'm going to tell friends about it!

Re: 8/8/12 Meditation

Due to time constraints and other obligations, it's been quite some time since I participated in one of your angel healing circles. The one you held last night was transformative! It was exactly what I needed for both cleansing and regeneration. Journeying out into the cosmos and connecting with the pure God energy opened my heart in ways that I've never experienced before. Thank you for such a beautiful meditation.

Last nights meditation was fabulous. As it was ending, I received a message to stay for a couple of more minutes and work with my 11 year old fragment, which I  did.  I am really looking forward to the next meditation, and your recorded CDs.

I am feeling restored, renewed, loved, supported, all around well. As Louise Hay would say "all is well in my world"......Every time we moved the ball of light to each chakra I could feel my heart beating in that area??? It was very cool. My favorite part is when we went up and INTO the golden white light of all that is......WOW! I felt so much love I was crying tears of joy...not like weeping but 5 or 10 tears running down my cheeks just feeling the love overwhelmingly was so wonderful. Thank you for the work you are doing and the gifts you are sharing.

I really enjoyed and appreciated the meditation on Wed. night! I am fairly new to meditation and this was very helpful to have your peaceful voice guiding me through it. As you know I suffer with intense anxiety, which makes self meditation even more difficult for me, so I found this approach to be very beneficial!  I am looking forward to the next one!

I was very impressed with the meditation last night Jan. I needed that desperately because I am going through so much in my life right now. It gave me the opportunity to be at peace and also sleep well.

Loved the meditation! I can't wait to order your CD!


Hi Jan,
I'd love to participate in the teleconference....
You helped me with some cord cutting a few years back after having three miscarriages....

Please see attached photo of our beautiful son ...
He arrived in February of this year. Thank you for helping bring him to us...


I have been meaning to email you in regards to an energy/meditation circle I participated in gosh I want to say over a month ago!!!!
 And I meant to email you a long time ago and say thank you and I really enjoyed it.  The weekend prior to this I had thrown my neck out and spent a day in the ER (something which I NEVER do)! And right when we started the cleanse?you started talking about neck problems in the group.J  Yes you blew my mind Jan. Keep up the good work! 


Re: Fragment Meditation

I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU!! I had not participated in a live group meditation before and I found it so very helpful. Did not expect the flood gates to open like that.  It was overwhelming as I encountered 3 different fragments.

I also appreciate you providing insight via another participant about mercury in retrograde which may explain the flurry of thoughts I've had lately.


Fragment Meditation

I enjoyed the meditation! Thank you. Everything came to me pretty quickly. I was able to work with both fragments at the same time (8 and 16). One had to do with mother, other had to do with father. Very interesting stuff.


I released 3 from each shoulder about abandonment from both my parents and one from my heart about an old boyfriend!! It was awesome! I loved it! I could feel the energy throughout my whole body.

Hi, Jan:  I just wanted to tell you again how great it was to be a part of my first angel healing circle.  It was a loving experience that brought me peace and valuable insights into my own life.  Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of it.  I will look forward to joining future circles

Thanks for the gift of a beautiful healing circle this week. I experienced a very real and important consciousness shift - one in which true release of past fears and old patterned beliefs occurred.

I've also noticed that over the past few days the peaceful and powerful  energy I felt after the meditations has remained accessible to my mind and body.  I have a sense that I am experiencing a frequency shift, if you will, and that it has been sinking into my being for several days.

Perhaps the most profound understanding that has arisen for me is a knowing that I am ready- on several levels and dimensions - to trust completely in the goodness of the universe.  This is a very expansive and spacious perspective.   The image I am carrying of my Self is one of having dropped the  past  and the weight of the past. I am open to receive the present moment of fullness and grace.


It was an amazing experience.  Thank you for such a great opportunity!


Thank You for another fantastic evening. I feel changed, and healed, at several levels. Again, I am grateful for the privilege, exposure, and opportunity to take part in such an important event. I am learning much. The circle validates many things for me. I received an immediate shift in consciousness. I feel the healing, loving presence.

I haven't missed one of these Angelic Healing Circles, since I've started them with you, and I don't intend to. This is very powerful stuff.  My body has never felt this good. I ran two blocks for the bus, coming home, and I caught it. (51 years old)


The healing circle the other evening was magnificent. I really appreciate the intension and being a part of the space where communion with the angels and others takes place. This sustains me in ways I cannot describe. Essentially, I am growing in the awareness that these experiences aid greatly in the expansion of consciousness for me, of which I find more and more palpable in my daily life. A group experience seems more powerful for me: the greater the energy, the greater the healing and profundity of the experience.

Words can't describe how profound and essential the experience is for me. I am grateful. The AHC the other night validated much more for me, made it all that much more real for me. The last couple days I have been more relaxed and focused. A notable reduction in judgment, an increase in patient and tolerance for myself and others. I suspect this type of thing to continue.

I am grateful to you for the opportunities presented in the AHC. And yes, getting my own answers in this way, and directly from Spirit, from God, the Angels, is best.

Thanks so much for the meditation last night. This was really a revelation for me. I was able to feel plugged into my heart energy almost right from the start. The feeling continued to get more expansive for me. At one point it felt as if I jumped into this drawing that I have on my computer of Devi with her two sisters in this mountain scene, next to a waterfall.

 I was so relaxed today. It was truly amazing. I found myself talking from that still point. I thought that I wouldn't be able to stay there, but it seemed that keeping the core posture, with my breathing, and remembering some of what we did last night kept the feeling alive.

This has been a really great two years for me. I had a reading from you a little over two years ago and ever since then I've been learning to co-create and developing a relationship with my spirit guides.

 Let me thank you again for the role you've been playing in helping me to learn how to be all I am. I truly appreciate it.

I enjoy the healing circles very much. This was the second one I was able to attend. I felt I received a lot more out of this one. It was awesome.

I would very much enjoy a 'Meeting" every month Jan. It's only one night of the month....and even though our lives are is so little time taken away from our obligations....the benefits out weigh the obligations anyway. And if it helps us to become more attuned and conscientious.  I would even say it is necessary.  Speaking for myself, and all the conscientious work I have done on myself and am still learning......these circles provide me with the connectedness that is so appreciated.

 It is truly amazing to share those healing energies with others. Quite healing indeed. Isn't that what we all want spiritually? So if we could have these AHC monthly....imagine where we all could be in 12 months spiritually. I am so thankful for all those who attended....I felt like that on the evening of the circle. The energy felt was fantastic....I'd love to make a "date" with the angels once a month....who wouldn't?

I loved the AHC last brought me right to where I need to be, and live from.  It is truly my path to do this work and I canít thank you enough for your mentoring and devotion to assisting me.

Thank you for a great experience. I didn't know what to expect, but the time went by very quickly.  My experience with the last matrix meditation was so expansive. 

Theme - Prosperity & Abundance

Last night's circle was truly a wonderful healing experience for me.  The channeling you offered and the affirmations provided me with some very helpful wisdom.  I feel energized and renewed.  This morning I woke up and reminded myself that I am grateful the blessings of the day. As I was driving from Boulder to Denver to attend a business luncheon I was affirming that "I am abundant." I was on my way to a Denver Chamber of Commerce luncheon (with 800 other people) as a work-related activity.  I was just sort of "trying it out," but it was a heartfelt affirmation. At the end of the luncheon they announced they were giving away  Seabiscuit DVD and three nights lodging at the Telluride Resort where the horse that played Seabiscuit in the movie lives to 5 people in the audience.  (It's kind of a ranch guest resort.)  You can guess what happened, I won!  I think this is a manifestation of the truth we were exposed to last night.  Sort of a confirmation that it's reality.  Wouldn't you say? 


I just wanted to let you know how the healing circle has helped me manifest a huge job in just about 1 month.  I had only participated in 2 of the circles and then began to visualize the type of salary I wanted to bring in,  the level of increased responsibility, and the ability to pay off my debt and buy a house.  Weeks later, I was contacted by an employment agency about a position that would be a big promotion for me.  I turned down interviewing for it initially due to the fact that I would have to relocate.  Then I was contacted by 3 other agencies about the same position within 2 weeks.  I turned them down as well.  Finally, I was approached by the Vice President of Human Resources at the company that the new job was located during a business meeting and we began to talk.  Since she was the 4th person to talk to me about this position I figured I needed to at least hear what they had to say and consider it.  The interview process was a was mostly them trying to sale me on the job.  I just received an offer from them that is very close to the exact amount of salary I visualized making with a huge sign on bonus and relocation package that will enable me to pay off my debt and buy a house if I want to. 

W. W from N J


Hi Jan -
Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed (and needed!) the healing circle during which I saw a silvery white light that was so beautiful. When we were asked to place other people in the pillar of light in the middle of the circle, I put my children in there. Immediately, I saw a flash of golden yellow light under them (it looked like "ignition" when a rocket blasts off). It was so powerful. The energy from the circle was phenomenal.  I could feel the energy coming from you on my left the entire time. Thank you again for allowing me to participate.
J from NY


Hi Jan,

Thanks  for creating the very powerful Angelic healing circle. It was most definitely a transpersonal experience, and I am still feeling the energy of the beautiful space our group  shared together. I wanted to share with you a couple of things that I experienced during the circle and afterward.  First, I had a very strong sense of two angels that came to me, who I believe are with me even now, whenever I think of them.

Thanks again for the lovely experience with the circle group.  I feel very blessed just feeling connected to the beauty and light of the people in the group and the angelic Beings.

Thanks again for the lovely experience with the circle group. I feel very blessed just feeling connected to the beauty and light of the people in the group and the angelic beings.


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