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  • 1.5 Trillion is spent
    each year on health

  • 2.8 billion prescriptions
    are written each year

  • 1.1 million deaths from
    heart disease

  • 770,000 deaths from

  • 700,000 strokes

  • 18 Diabetics

  • 17 million suffer from

  • 44 million suffer from

  • 1 in 8 develop breast


  • Obesity contributes to over
    300,000 deaths per year in
    the U. S.

  • 81% of people in the US are overweight

  • 75 million people go on a
    diet every year

  • 50,000 people start a weight
    loss program every day

  • Weight loss industry
    accounts for 40 billion/year-
    That is over 109 million/day

  • People are getting sicker
    and more overweight.

  • 60 diseases are related to

  • Obesity is gaining on
    smoking as the # 1 killer



  • Chemical from food.
    and fertilizers

  • Chemicals in our water,
    over 700,000 tons of
    pollution in the air

  • Chemicals from
    cosmetics and
    cleaning fluids

  • Animals are injected
    with hormones,
    steroids and



One of the ways the liver deals with impurities is to increase body fat to enfold these impurities and to protect the body from their influence.  Diets are not successful for long term weight loss because they don’t address the need to cleanse the body of impurities.

 Traditional Diet

                 Fat stored to protect                     Smaller body means                            Body senses increased level of
                    from impurities                            increased percentage                              of impurities and goes into  
                                                           emergency fat production-REBOUND

Shed Pounds Without Rebound

Cleansing is a safe, healthy and natural way to achieve a healthier, leaner body

Get Started Today


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I  lost 24 lbs in under 2 months including a drop of more than 50 inches. (I am not saying I lost them because I don't want to find them.) It is amazing.  I have double the energy I used to have and I feel 20 years younger. Because I was eating very well I had no idea how toxic my body was.

During all these years I have been suggesting that people cleanse to rid the body of toxins in my intuitive sessions, but I never was guided to tell them which cleanse to use. Now my angels have guided me to this product for my own use. As you cleanse,  your systems heal and  find balance and your metabolism improves. In addition to cleansing the program floods the body with  nutrients, trace minerals, enzymes and  amino acids that the body does not normally absorb from the foods that we eat because we have become so toxic from our food and environment. 

The product on this cleanse are of the highest quality that I have ever come across, but  the product is only half of the miracle.  The product is great, but the results depend up how it is used. The  team of cleansing coaches makes all the difference in your results.  They want people to be successful and happy with the product. Everyone has individual goals, i.e., weight loss, additional energy, nutrition, etc.  A person may think they know which products to order from the website, but actually when we talk to them we find out what their personal needs are and we explain what each product is used for and what they will  need to do a complete program that will work for them. It is much better to go into the cleanse informed than to do a halfway job by ordering retail from the web and following a booklet that does not give personal attention and support to your needs. Free cleanse coaches are available to support you throughout your cleansing journey.

 This company is of the highest integrity with a primary goal of serving people and helping them to live healthier, happier, more abundant  lives and the deep cellular cleansing system is gentle, but very effective and  works great as a good  long term periodic cleanse program too.

Call or email Jan   to find out how this system can work for you.  It will be one of the  best things that you have ever done for yourself. 941-926-0880


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