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Healing Sessions on the Telephone

                        by Medical Intuitive Jan Meryl

Energy Medicine expanded guided Healing services
are available to you during these times of miraculous change.

1. Healing Session

Jan Meryl is now available to apply her skills to facilitate your healing process. Guided healing telephone sessions will include energy medicine techniques such as guided cord cutting, clearing energy field blocks,  fragment healing and whatever your guides suggest at the time.

Prerequisite for a Healing Session : One hour full Medical Intuitive Scan.

2.  Journey of Discovery
Personal Guided Meditation

For healing and spiritual growth

 Are you feeling depressed, stressed out, having a challenging time, feeling unsupported and defeated? Jan is now available for Personal Guided Meditations for spiritual growth and/or healing. Experience an internal journey into the light.  Feel the freedom and the love that is always being broadcasted to you. Connect with your own Spirit Guides and Higher Soul-Self.  This guided telephone meditation does to the spirit what a massage does to the body.
60 minutes required.
This session is not recorded.

3.  Build a Positive Reality Bubble
Personal Guided Meditation

Learn how to protect and build your positive energy field on daily basis. This one hour session with Jan will show you what you can do for yourself every morning to build your own positive reality bubble.

A Holistic Energy Field Health Scan requires a 60 minute Full Reading.

Current Sale Price

60 Minute Session........$249

Regular Fees:

60 Minute Session............$299

Free electronic MP3 recording of the session or CD

CD Shipping and Handling: $5 in the continental U.S.
                                      $10 outside of the continental U.S.

Send you email to get on JAN'S DISCOUNT COUPON LIST.

REFER A FRIEND...Get a $25 credit towards your next session.

Email Discount Coupons: If you would like to receive email
discount coupons towards the private sessions, please send your email address to

Multi-Session Discount Package Prices

ARE  YOUR ISSUES SURFACING? If life is difficult for you, then your issues are surfacing. The energy coming into the planet right now is intense. Issues are bubbling up in everyone so that they can be cleared. If you are amongst those desiring multiple telephone healing sessions in a short period of time, (Many clients are doing this right now) consider signing up for Multi-Session Discount Package prices.

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