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The Missing "W" in the Word Holistic

By Medical Intuitive Jan Meryl

Did you ever wonder why the word holistic isn't spelled wholistic? Now, any well versed, new age, conscious person would assure you that there are no accidents. In fact, the W or double you, is what you are when you choose to experience duality. Duality is the manifestation of feeling split off from the oneness or perfection. It is a state whereby your soul chooses to be blind to your oneness so that you may experience the many. Ego manifests in the state of duality.

In duality there is a perception of opposites, such as good and bad, inside and outside, black and white and what we are verses what we are not. Duality can be a very rich experience, allowing us to live with love and light, as well as to know darkness and fear. In darkness we can experience various ways of feeling incomplete. This split from perfection is purposeful in that it allows us to know a vast spectrum of emotions which promote development of a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude. For example, war can teach us to desire peace and pain can teach us compassion and appreciation for wellness, a state which could otherwise be easily taken for granted.

Within the blindness of duality there sometimes exists a perception that God is external and therefore separate from us. There also exists a perception that we are separate from each other. How else could you experience the many, if not to see another outside of yourself. Hence, the two of you, you and the other, as well as the split you, your higher or God self and your ego, can both be seen as the double you, which is part of the whole human experience.

In spite of our perception that these apparent doubles, which are created out of our soul choice to experience external duality are real, the underlying fact is that there is only ONE of us. There is only ONE, indivisible, singular Spirit that manifests as mind and body. To feel truly healthy and whole requires us to understand and internalize the ultimate human paradox that ALL IS ONE.

It seems in vogue these days for traditional health practitioners to refer to themselves as Holistic Healers. With that title has come a prevailing  understanding that the word holistic means respect for the trinity of body, mind and Spirit. The word holistic actually has a larger meaning. It carries with it the understanding that ALL, mind, body, and Spirit, IS ONE single expression.

In other words, what appears outside of us is really just a physical reflection of what is inside of us.

It implies an understanding that an illness in the body can be seen as an expression of a thought, belief or perception.  It implies the recognition of a causal connection between feeling, thought, perception and the manifestation of physical reality. When there is illness, the individual, whose Spirit is actually in a state of perfection or completeness, owning all the power to manifest wellness, is choosing to see itself in a temporary state of powerless imperfection, as a victim of its illness, rather than acknowledging that he or she might in some energetic way be contributing to the cause of the illness. In this case the actual ONE causal self and the perceived victim self constitute two selves, or the double you.

To a spiritual healer a physical problem in the body is seen as a signal of the contents of the energy field, mind and heart. A true holistic healer recognizes that fixing the body is not the whole answer but rather might be a partial solution to a larger process. Holistic healing often requires additional complimentary approaches to healing the deeper root of the physical problem. My holistic energy field readings often indicate to me that the energetic root of a physical problem can lie simply in being stuck in the hidden limiting dualistic perception of the double you that feels separate from your divine creative power. Restrictions in the field that emerge out of dualistic thinking  show themselves in physical form in unlimited creative ways. For example, fears that are given the power to control our decisions in life, often show themselves as aches, pains and weakness in the body. Pain can be  the body's way of signaling a reminder to us that we have the power to overcome  fear and feelings of limitation rather than become a servant to them. Pain, in essence, becomes a messenger that lights up hidden beliefs of separation from divine mind, thereby signaling us to correct the misperception and re-affirm the One Spirit. In this way the body plays a very important part in helping to remind us who we really are.  Fixing the body without picking up the spiritual message of unity can challenge the body to turn up the volume of pain.. To eliminate the perception of the double you, or W, is in effect the path of holistic healing back to the manifestation of  divine creative power and health.

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