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Group Meditation
Angel Healing Circle Teleconference

Facilitated by Jan Meryl 

Time: 8:30 Eastern

The Conference Call Telephone Number



You will be sent an Access Number  to the email address posted on your PayPal payment or registration email.  The Access Number will connect you to the call.  A new Access Number will be sent to you  in advance of  each teleconference that you register for.

  If you would like Jan to use a different email address, you can send  your request to



To Register: Return to the
Teleconference Page.



559 -726 -1200

Dial the phone number that is provided above at the exact time or a couple of minutes prior to the TeleconferenceUse the access number that was emailed to you in advance of the scheduled time for the call.

You can call from anywhere in the world,  Your normal long distance rates will apply.

There are no beeps or bells when you arrive and when you leave. You can come and go during the call, so if you get interrupted, you can hang up and call back at any time.

During the meditation, your phone will be muted by the facilitator to keep out noises such as barking dogs, clanging cooking utensils, TV noise, etc.

After some  meditations, there will be time to participate in a discussion or ask questions to Jan. Jan will not be channeling answers to  personal questions, however she will address general questions.  Please make your personal questions general so that everyone on the call can gain from them.

During the Q&A and comment time, press *6 to signal Jan
that you have a question or comment and you will be put in the queue to speak.

Please do not use your speakerphone during discussion or Q&A. It can  interfere with line quality. 

Don't forget to disable your call waiting feature if you do not want to be disturbed.  To disable your call waiting feature in most locations, dial *70 before calling the teleconference.

Please do not use computer-based dial-ups. Please refrain from using any type of computer/internet telephony to call in.  Use of this technology can cause noise, distortion and static.

If you have been getting echoes on your phone, or anyone that you have called has complained about echoes, please do not participate as it could ruin the call for everyone.

Busy Signal - Message "All Circuits Are Busy" or Fast Busy Signal? Sometimes the problem is , with your  long distance service or the pre-dial long distance service.  For instance, some people use pre-dial codes (such as 10-10-811 before placing the long distance call).  Hang up and call again. Try another long distance method (or phone).

All rights to the meditations are copyrighted by Jan Meryl, 2012 and may not be reproduced in any way.                 

To Register: Return to the
Teleconference Page.

    Jan Meryl

       (941) 926-0880