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Getting Healthy Is a Soul Lesson

by Jan Meryl

My area of expertise as a Medical Intuitive is the mind-body-spirit connection. When it comes to health and illness, I have found that there is a silver cord that seems to be very prevalent. Many illnesses are held in place and progress because of perceptions and beliefs that a person lacks the power to create a reality that contains their true desires, including the creation of health and happiness. Many people believe that life is something that happens to us and that we must live with the cards that we are fortuitously dealt.

The fact is that as we meander our way through life, a fork in the road appears. If we think that we are sick because we just happened to have an accident or catch a virus or bacteria, then all we want to do is to pop pills for pain, destroy the virus or bacteria and put a cast on the broken bone. When we see chance or ill fortune as the cause of a particular event we are looking at life through "victim" eyes. On the other hand, if we are beginning to wake-up and realize that the earth plane is a school-house and that we are co-creators with God, and that we are here to grow and to learn who we really are, then we can begin to ask why the illness is appearing, why did I attract it, what purpose is it serving, what part did I play in creating it, and what part can I play in releasing it?

For thousands of years we have looked up at the night sky to identify constellations by connecting the dots, but only now are we as a civilization beginning to learn how to connect the dots in our own lives here on Earth and willing to acknowledge personal responsibility in the manifestation of important occurrences in our lives.

The feeling and perception of lack of power to create the events of our lives creates "victimhood."  The fact is that we are using our creative energetic power all the time to blueprint for our circumstances with our thoughts, beliefs, words and emotions, even though most of the time we don't know that we are doing it. When we choose to abdicate our creative power by believing in and relying on chance as the cause for our personal circumstances, we create a feeling of powerlessness. When we do this we actually project these powerless beliefs onto the world, where we attract and experience situations that prove to us that we are powerless victims. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The energetic "Law of Attraction" will insure that the physical world will always mirror your internal positive and negative beliefs and emotions. So we become caught on the never-ending merry-go-round of feeling powerless, proving over and over again that life just happens to us. What better way is there to experience being powerless than to experience being sick? And while you are at it, why not spend lots of money on expensive treatments that will make you into a "poor victim?"

So next time you come to the fork in the road of illness, know that you have a choice. You can choose to stay "asleep" with all the other sleeping beauties on the planet by just taking medicine to suppress the symptoms of your illness, which will effectively quiet the wake-up call illness for a short time until the pain pops up in some larger way again in your life, or you can choose to jump off the carousel and take the higher road to creating health and happiness which challenges you to see the big picture by seeking to discover the underlying energy field cause of your illness and changing it, thereby embarking on a true soul journey of self-awareness, empowerment, healing and growth.

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*Jan Meryl is not a medical doctor and claims no formal training in psychology or medicine. All her training has been gained through meditation, contact with spirit guides and many years of learning from the information revealed in her medical intuition readings.


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