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     Gift Certificates
for holidays and special occasions.

Jan will send you an email attachment with
the name you request to forward to the recipient.

 See Instructions  

                              Call or Email... 941- 926- 0880

                         Gift Certificates expire one year from the date of purchase.

 Gift Certificates will not be available
from Christmas 2015 to January 4 2016
If you need a gift certificate emailed
to you by Christmas
please purchase prior to December 24.

  • One Hour Q&A, Energy Field Scan or *Healing Session 
    *Guided Healing Sessions require a prerequisite one hour Energy
     Field Scan.


  • 30 Minute Q&A Session

  • Special 20 Minute Session
    20 Minute Q&A Session for family or a friend. 

You can email Jan or
you may use this PayPal link to purchase a
Gift Certificate.


Please email Jan,,
the name of the recipient and notify her
if you would like a Gift Certificate sent to you
that can be forwarded or printed out.

Sessions are given according to the actual
records of prepayment, therefore, certificates
need not be issued or physically presented
at the time of the session.

If you would like Jan to send a Certificate:

Please choose a Title:

  • Merry Christmas

  • Happy Holiday

  • Happy Birthday

  • Custom title of your choice

  • Generic - Title says Gift Certificate

Choose a Description:

  • Psychic Channeled Session
    Q & A Channeled Session

  • Ask Your Angels Q & A Channeled Session

  • Energy Field Scan

  • *Guided Healing Session
    *Guided Healing Sessions require that the recipient already
    has had a prerequisite one hour Energy Field Scan.




       gift certificate


                          gift certificate





 Thank you


Gift Certificates must be paid for in advance and will be redeemable for up to one year after purchase, at which time certificates become null and void.

The certificate can be mailed or emailed directly to the recipient or to the purchaser, at the purchaser's request.

All sales are final and will not be canceled, refunded or transferred at the request of the purchaser or recipient.

Authentic certificates will be issued upon request at receipt of prepayment. Sessions will be given according to the actual records of prepayment, therefore, certificates need not be physically presented at the time of the session.

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