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Reviews and Testimonials

***** Absolutely beautiful! Jan has such a wonderful spirit! she gave me such a lovely reading of my mother who has crossed over 🙂

***** Jan is clear when talking with the spirit guides helping me to understand and face the reality of life. I would recommend anyone who has a reading with her you won’t regret it

***** Thanks so much  Jan! Just the type of reading and chat I needed at this time. I highly recommend if you’re look for a practical, straightforward fluff-free reading.

***** Wow! What a wonderful, genuine, talent. Immensely articulate with the heart of a lioness. Balanced and insightful reading that possibly will revolutionize my life. Sincere gratitude and love.

  ***** I have to admit that I was skeptical and being an MD, the field of the “energy healing” was new to me. Clearly, a higher force guided me to Jan. After a few sessions, Jan guided me to clear symptoms of headaches, fatigue, insomnia, frequent urination, and an abnormal pap smear.  Jan is truly gifted and has opened my world to holistic medicine and the healing power within each of us. 

  *****   Thank you so much for your guidance and love today. What you told me today really helped me set myself free.

  ***** Good clear answers from Spirit, grounded in reality. A good combo.

  ***** Quick grasp of complex scenarios, delivered with ease by way of spirit. Good sense of life path timing, not falling into the sort of short-term predictions that many psychics think are what people need or want. Five stars.

  *****  Jan has provided me with valuable insight through her readings for about 20 years.   Although Jan performs many services I mainly engaged her for readings, which have been comforting, on target and of value.  After a few significant life events, Jan suggested that she work with me on a chord cutting series.    My only regret is that I have not engaged Jan in this service sooner.   The first few sessions were insightful and helpful to understand where there were blockages and what the drivers were for them.   Through her work, she taught me how to obtain a calm physical and mental state in preparation to release the specific circumstances that were blocking the natural flow of light and love.   After the 3rd session there was an overwhelming and euphoric shift resulting in calmness and peace that in my adult life, had not been felt.     Little did I know that I would soon face a series of significant life changes and the state of body and mind that came with the cord cutting series prepared me to face these events in the best state possible.   My appreciation to Jan for the work that she does and its positive impact it has been for my life .

*****  Jan, thank you so much. I have been stressed and talking to you has put all into perspective.

 *****  For 4 years, I have had fibromyalgia. The last 1. 5 years I couldn’t really do anything physically.  Thanks so much for your accurate readings and the efficient methods suggested. Our monthly energy-clearing work, and my own daily effort, manifested a big change. After just 6 guided healing sessions, I had a complete release of fibromyalgia symptoms.   

***** Jan was immensely helpful = listened and provide clarity and input on what is happening around me and going forward. Appreciated the further information for self-knowledge and how I can help my own thinking and approach to my future. She was kind yet direct and that is especially appreciated.

*****  I’m glad I called her… I do feel better about my situation. She is great and tells it like it is…spot on. Call her, she is very understanding and very kind to talk too. I will call her again.

*****  Jan is an amazing psychic and medium! I got to speak with my dad who’s in spirit and my grandma also came through soo amazing!! Jan is really nice to speak with very helpful and kind !! Thank you Jan so much !!

 *****  Jan was warm & specific and truthful. She’ll reveal if insight is good or bad and guide you to the path to success. She’s awesome!

 *****  Channeled my grama on my mom’s side and it felt like a great connection! Can’t wait for things to come to pass.

 ***** Crazy crazy how accurate. She actually just blew me away with the reading. Every part of it.

 ***** Truly gifted. Obviously the real deal. She channeled spirit and my grandmother. I am amazed and grateful.  ***** Good reading. Very helpful.

 ***** Wow! Jan gave details that just blew my mind. I never told her details of my brothers passing. She is truly gifted. If anyone is looking for closure and wanting to know if there love one is at peace on the other side, reach out to Jan! She’s truly amazing.

***** Jan felt like the real deal, as far as connecting with spirit and sharing their response. She also brought in my mother and Aunt and maybe dad: they are well, and healthy and doing their own things. Overall helpful.

 ***** Down to earth and friendly reader.

  *****  Thank you. Honest to the point.

 *****  Jan, these guided healing sessions have made me feel so light and healthy! I am just so grateful. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and my friends.

***** Hi Jan, just to let you know, I am feeling SO MUCH better after our session. Almost the next day, My parasites, that were making me so miserable, got the “Not Wanted”  message and left. It has been improving daily. I feel lighter and freer. Thank you so much for all your assistance and your healing session! ❤️
Tampa, FL

 ***** The work Jan does is so powerful! It has made huge improvements for me physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am very blessed to have found such a knowledgeable and kind soul to assist me on my healing journey.
New Jersey

*****  I’m able to feel more clearly and express myself – despite it being tears from my current living situation. I am not falling for his manipulative “I love you.” I  think that our work together  has paved the way for this  enormously positive change for me. Thank you Jan.

***** It takes a unique approach to help people heal on the deep level that Jan does and she has been paramount in my healing journey. Through our work together I was able to gain clarity and release a lot of old things that I had been holding onto for a long time and absolutely needed to let go of for the sake of my health. I am so grateful to have found her and hope to continue working with her for a long time. Thank you Jan!
Costa Rica

 ***** I can’t begin to explain how much Jan has helped me over the years. It started about 9 years ago, when I was just completely exhausted and desperately, chronically, depressed. After trying a number of different anti-depressants, and psychologists, and not feeling better, as a last ditch effort, I searched online for a medical intuitive. I liked the information on Jan’s website. It resonated with me, far more than other websites I looked at. After working with Jan, and experiencing her completely unique approach, I started feeling hopeful about my future. I work with Jan on a monthly basis now, as part of her subscription program. I get far more out of these sessions, than I ever did in psychotherapy, and I am in control of my own healing now. I have found that even during the months that I feel I don’t “need” a session, I do it anyway, and there’s always tremendous benefit. I particularly love Jan’s guided meditations. I urge anyone who is serious about making positive changes in their life, to consult with Jan. She is a life saver!
Boston, Mass

***** Hi Jan. Just wanted to give you an update that there is a significant improvement in my right knee.  I started to experience it right a way but sometimes I think these things are flukes.  So each day I started doing little exercises that were usually difficult/painful and… still no pain.   Thank you again!
Naples, FL

***** It was a pleasure meeting you.  Thank you again for the reading. The reading was a great experience and gave me a lot of comfort knowing my mom and everyone else who has passed is at peace. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for answers and comfort.

*****  My great experience with Jan has been part of my life’s journey. It  is like a puzzle; I had lots of pieces, and Jan helped me put them into place. Her superb knowledge of how the universe works and how to apply it to heal the past, helped me to move forward, allowing my puzzle to get completed by giving me the understanding of the hows and whys of all the players in my life movie. She guided me to as to how to see it all, and change it to benefit me in moving forward with my life.

I needed Jan’s help to heal.

Thank you Jan
Naples, Florida

*****  It’s been 2 weeks, and I’m happy and relieved to say that I’ve haven’t experienced that back pain since cutting the cords.  It’s almost unbelievable – I feel so different in a good way. I feel lighter and calmer.  I look at situations differently, and I”m able to remove myself from situations that I find to be toxic for me.

***** I would like to thank Medical Intuitive Jan for bringing me to a place of healing and wholeness.  I had been in pain with bladder issues for at least six years and on many medications along with numerous procedures… up all hope of having a normal life.  I received a session with Jan as a gift from a loved one and I was happy to give it a try.  I must say that now I’m fully healed and without pain.  I’m  so grateful for Jan her professional gentle way and love brought me back to a place I once forgot.

*****  You are so good at the guided healing workshops Jan – you always bring the love and compassion of Source that helps us connect with our guidance.
M from Colorado

***** My first consult with Jan was eleven years ago. I could not even begin to quantify or measure the value of healing and guidance I’ve received from working with Jan through several life transitions and stages of growth and learning. Everyone gets stuck at times in life, whether that means navigating difficult circumstances, relationships, illness, cutting cords or becoming more aware of the “blind spots” in our own awareness. While it has always been important to follow through and do the “homework,” Jan’s clarity as a medical intuitive and gifted psychic consultant have been invaluable. In my experience, Jan’s professionalism and compassion distinguish her as an outstanding teacher and guide.
N S from Georgia

***** Medical Intuitive Jan helped me through the process of my miscarriages and helped me with cutting cords to my sister. (Jan, we now have two beautiful baby boys ages: 3.5 & 1.5 and seven years later, my sister and I are now connected again.) Thanks for all of your intuition and guidance along the way.
New Jersey

***** They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. Well that is how I met Jan. The time was just right in my life and I was ready to do some serious work on myself…being in pain since 2009 was no fun with  numerous doctors, tests and medicine and I was still in pain. Working with this wonderful lady was a wonderful experience for me. She is not only professional but gentle and I stand tall today with no pain. She taught  me with  her wonderful way of going inside and finding that healing love that guided me to  rid myself of fears and learn self love.  She is and always will be my special angel.

***** Jan has done several readings for me. One medical intuitive and other physic consults. I have to say, she was right on on so many levels. Her medical intuitive reading enabled me to move forward with confidence in healing areas that were out of balance. I left that reading with tools for healing. Very valuable.(from LinkedIn)
DOM, AP at Stone Wellness, LLC

***** Jan is a gifted and knowledgeable professional. She has amazing insight into assisting you in healing your metal, emotional and physical bodies.
Tampa, Florida

***** Jan Meryl is an exceptional intuitive with high integrity and a great work ethic. I have used Jan for medical intuitive healing since 2009 and she has provided excellent results with supportive follow up products and services. Jan also completed a past life regression for me and works extensively with angels who guide her intuitive healing process. You will be amazed at Jan’s accuracy and commitment to your health and well-being
Editor, Creator at Distillery Journal

***** Jan Meryl is the ultimate professional and is one of the best out there in the Medical Intuitive field. She is sensitive to every detail of one’s experience and shares her readings carefully and with astounding accuracy!
I would highly recommend Jan Meryl.”
Service Category: Medical Intuitive and Psychic Consultant
Year first hired: 2003 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
California from Michael S

***** I did really well today. I started out in blinding pain everywhere.  Even in my face. I could not open my eyes as the pain was in my ocular nerves as well. I was hunched over and had fibro fog in my brain. I was bound to bed. When we were done I was walking and talking. I was happy and very light. I feel like someone took a truck off my shoulders. I just wanted to email you and thank you for all your help. I’m looking forward to all of our sessions. This is the first email I have sent out in a very long time, maybe over a year and a half. Have not been able to focus on things like that.
Thank you soooo very much for sharing your gift with me.

***** I don’t think I have ever taken the time to thank you and tell you how much you and your gift have saved me, helped me and opened my heart. When P put me on the phone with you the first time I had no clue what I was getting into. I thought you were just gonna make me better. But this work you do and the work you have me do and your gift, it’s like a well orchestrated dance, a healing dance. It’s not easy to bare your soul and do this work but you make it so much easier because you use love, God’s love, your gift, your methods and a healthy dose of common sense.

I had been laying in bed in pain for 5 yrs and then you came. You know what Jan, I always knew I was gonna get better and I said it to my husband often but I did not know how I was gonna get better.  I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. You have freed me, soothed my heart and fed my soul. I know God has given you a gift but you have perfected your gift with love, honesty and good old fashion hard work. I just want to say thank you for….caring.

***** I have to tell you that your guided meditations, “Cutting Cords”  and Heal your Fragments are really a gift. I had an issue with my leg and found cords and icky stuff attached to it. Using your CDs I was able to clear it even though the doctors could not and just offered pills and weeks of waiting and testing.  No thanks. I went your route.
I also am finding fragments and as I am pulling then back into me, I am literally being transformed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
D From Tampa, Florida

***** I love your work. I do your soul retrieval and cutting cord meditation faithfully. It is transformational.  Keep up the great job. You are making my life more amazing day by day.
Thank you,
Tampa, Florida

***** After our channeling session last week,  things got a whole lot better for me! Thanks Jan.
Fort Pierce, Florida

***** I just wanted to thank you SO much for your reading and all of your recommendations for my healing. It’s been an amazing experience thus far.

***** Thank you for making my life so much better, you are a gift to this world.

***** Thank you for everything Jan, All of your instruction has really helped me to understand “why” this works and what energy does. I’ve felt this for years but I didn’t understand it. I lacked understanding “why”  and that blocked my journey at times, you changed all of that and have guided me to a much higher place by explaining all of this to me.
Florida, from GM

***** Just wanted to give you a quick update since our last conversation…Briefly, I was career stuck. really stuck and not feeling supported-all this as a reminder on our session. WELL, since I meditated (I really did), and cut my cords, which were curly, thin and black. I made a commitment affirmation about what I really wanted. Within DAYS, opportunities were and are, falling into my lap. It’s happening.  Xo xo to you. Couldn’t have done this without you.
New York from DW

***** I am doing wonderfully with the cleaning and healing. Wow what a difference your fragment healing meditations have made for a week straight.

***** Also, some of the craziest and divine weird things have happened since I last talked to you.
New York

***** My last reading with you was truly life changing.
NY from K

***** I received the Cord Cutting CD yesterday, thank you so much. I listened to it and it was amazing. I was crying through a lot of it and had strange shivers (inside) when I got to the waterfall.
Maryland, from PH

***** Jan, you are a remarkable person in many ways and this is one way you demonstrate your ability of love and consideration to so many people.

 ***** I had the initial energy scan with you as well as a cutting cords.  I am feeling significantly better, physically and emotionally,
Ontario Canada, from CM

*****  I want to thank you for all the help you have given me in the last three months. You have provided me with a lot of hope which I did not have before you. My MS symptoms are starting to clear up in a way that I never dreamed possible. You have been a great help in guiding me to face many challenges from my past. You have been a Godsend.
Gainesville, Florida

***** Since I have initially spoken to you I have been working very diligently on my homework given based on the diagram and information that came up during our scan and healing session and my health has improved like crazy! I started this process being on 100 doses of supplements for all my health issues. After a month of regular healing sessions, meditation and daily affirmations I am now only taking 6 supplements a day!
This has been an amazing experience for me and has opened my eyes to such wonder! Thank you
Tennessee from W

***** Jan has provided teaching and guidance for me for well over a decade. The lessons and learning never stop, but she has always been there for me to illuminate the path forward. For people who are ready to understand the truth or the driving factors behind their issues or health concerns, Jan is the person to contact.
Atlanta, Georgia

***** Thank you for a wonderful session. I feel so much lighter, and empowered!

***** Thank you for your guidance.  You are an angel who came into my life at the perfect time. I’m feeling much more in control of my life with an understanding that what happens is my choice.  My happiness does not depend on my husband  or my children.  I have signed up to volunteer at the family resource center.  I am also planning a trip to visit my daughter and sightsee. I’m feeling much more in control of my life.
VP, Florida

***** Thanks so much for the meditation.   It was so relaxing and I learned, or remembered, how do deeply breath.   It was a fantastic lesson.
Dallas,Texas, from V

***** (Guided Meditation Teleconference)
These meditations are helping me heal my life!!! And the planet!!!! I love when we send love & healing to the whole planet and universe. Every time we do it I release what is not useful anymore and I am more and more in tune with my angels and my own intuition- and more in balance which I have learned is my true state!!!  I feel like I am on my way to my true purpose for coming to this earth- to help others and help bring the planet into the higher ascension/evolution!!! And to think it all started with a phone call to you in 2004 and your recommendations to… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! I really could never thank you enough!!!!!!!
Chicago, Illinois

*****  (Guided Meditation Teleconference)
Thanks again for the meditation an effort to promote peace after your meditations, I have found myself more tolerant.  I seem to be complaining less and finding alternate paths  instead.  This has lead to kinder interactions.  And in turn have more peace myself.
I’m doing great. You’re one hell of a house cleaner.

*****  (Guided Meditation Teleconference)
Thanks for taking us to such a lovely place and space tonight.  It was perfect and I felt the energy strongly.
Boulder, Colorado

***** Thank you, Jan! This was another spectacular meditation! Each one is so different and so perfect. I can’t wait for you to record them all. I will be your first customer 🙂

***** Thank you so very much for the opportunity! You have an amazing voice, very soothing. Thanks for taking us to such a lovely place and space tonight.  It was perfect and I felt the energy strongly.   Really nice.

***** THANK YOU JAN!!! This group meditation was life changing!!! I wish so badly you recorded it and I could purchase a copy of it so I could do it everyday. It was beautiful. I felt at oneness with the group, the earth, universe, god & angels…of all that is. I had never had that feeling before. It was the most beautiful thing I think I have experienced.  If you recorded that I would love to buy a copy and do it everyday and be a testimonial on your website of the results. I am going through some changes with where I live and there have been some unexpected disappointments and blessings and well days when it is overwhelming. I think this meditation along with exercise, church, etc. will guide me through this transition. After all we are all in a transition in one form or another right now. Jan you are a blessing, a teacher, a light worker, a beautiful soul with beautiful gifts you so generously share with all of us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You’ll never know how much you have made a difference in my life!

***** I can’t thank you enough – especially since I never thought to tell you about some concerning symptoms.  You were right on as usual.  Wow – you have single handedly changed my life…I’m not kidding you!  xoxo. Gratitude
Florida from NK

***** (Guided Meditation Teleconference)
That meditation was wonderful! I would like this meditation recorded! I have tried doing the chakra clearing and filling my bubble on my own, but it is easier to do with guidance. Your creativity is endless and you have so much experience. It was incredibly helpful and I feel wonderful. That, plus some of the affirmations that the guides give would be the icing on my cake 🙂

***** Thank you so much!  Lots of realizations and feeling memories.  Even my therapist was dumbfounded with your insights today.

***** Thank you so much Jan!  Since we spoke yesterday, diet has been gluten free, and my baby hive free ! That quick! The remaining baby acne is starting to clear up too…  Thanks again.
New Mexico

***** Hmm!  Also, I just went for a Mammogram and ultrasound, and there are no cysts there at all – everything is fine.  I have no idea if the healing helped or not, but I’ll thank you anyhow!
New Jersey

***** I just had to email you with this good news!  I, like my mom, suffer from benign rapid heart rate, and the cardiologist put me on a beta blocker. Since I take a pediatric dose, he said it wouldn’t really do much.  Exercise has helped get my 100 resting heart rate down to 75 at night only.  Today, I got an EKG which showed a rate of 65, and he was baffled.  The doctor said to just keep doing what I’m doing.  I think the healing session we did yesterday had something to do with it, because it had NEVER been 65 during the day.

Thank you!!!  I am SO grateful! You are the first to get anywhere near helping me to heal!
New Jersey

***** You helped me with some cord cutting a few years back after having three miscarriages….Please see attached photo of our beautiful son …
He arrived in February of this year. Thank you for helping bring him to us..

***** I have been meaning to email you in regards to an energy/meditation circle I participated in gosh I want to say over a month ago!!!!  And I meant to email you a long time ago and say thank you and I really enjoyed it.  The weekend prior to this I had thrown my neck out and spent a day in the ER (something which I NEVER do)! And right when we started the cleanse….you started talking about neck problems in the group.  Yes you blew my mind.  Keep up the good work!

***** I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU!! I had not participated in a live group meditation before and I found it so very helpful. Did not expect the flood gates to open like that.  It was overwhelming as I encountered 3 different fragments.
I also appreciate you providing insight via another participant about mercury in retrograde which may explain the flurry of thoughts I’ve had lately.

 ***** I enjoyed the meditation! Thank you. Everything came to me pretty quickly. I was able to work with both fragments at the same time (8 and 16). One had to do with mother, other had to do with father. Very interesting stuff.

 ***** I released 3 cords…one from each shoulder about abandonment from both my parents and one from my heart about an old boyfriend!! It was awesome! I loved it! I could feel the energy throughout my whole body.

 ***** Wow…was that ever powerful work we did!  I did a foot bath that afternoon to remove toxins, then hit my bed exhausted at 5:30.
With love
Florida, from KB

 *****  Thanks again for the healing work yesterday.  I feel so much clearer.    I’m letting go of the chains!
Boulder Colorado, from M

***** This morning while in my yoga practice there was a noticeable difference in the movement of my shoulders….especially on the left, which felt much easier for me to clear.

***** Thanks so much for being one of my greatest teachers in this lifetime! Maybe in other lifetimes too- who knows! 🙂 What you have shared with me has changed my life and I am forever grateful!!!
Illinois from R

 ***** Jan Meryl has been nominated by  FAVORITE ANGEL INTUITIVE and it has made it among the finalists in the 2012 New York Times  Readers’ Choice Awards for Holistic Healing. is part of The New York Times Company

 ***** I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

***** Jan Meryl is an exceptional intuitive with high integrity and a great work ethic. I have used Jan for medical intuitive healing since 2009 and she has provided excellent results with supportive follow up products and services. Jan also completed a past life regression for me and works extensively with angels who guide her intuitive healing process. You will be amazed at Jan’s accuracy and commitment to your health and well-being.

Great Results, Personable, and an Expert
Pennsylvania, from CM

*****  I just wanted to say thanks again for the reading yesterday. It was awesome! I figured out a lot of what you told me after we hung up. I know if I did what you do, I would like to know how much stuff I was right on the money with…..:)
California, from BH

 ***** I want to thank you for the amazing session last week! Wow, and something really powerful happened later that day that seemed to be directly connected to the work we did cutting cords with my mother. I haven’t talked to her in months, because conversations with her are so difficult and exhausting, and after we hung up, I felt the need to call her right back, and told her that I love her. I don’t think I’ve said that to her since I was 7 years old. It was an amazing feeling.
Wisconsin from G

***** Jan has helped me personally overcome severe emotional trauma through her medical intuitive work for many years. Her creative approach to discover and remove trauma bonds, her excellent book “Energy 101” and her gift of visualizations and meditation CD’s reinforce the healing process.
Pennsylvania from CM

***** I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: “Jan is not just some fortune teller or a mediocre psychic. Jan Meryl is spiritually guided and highly in tune with the universe. Her readings surprised me with her accuracy and detail without ever having to tell her much about myself, health issues, or people  in my life. She calls it like she sees it. She does not tell you what you want to hear. She’s funny and insightful. I highly recommend Jan for her expertise and guidance in any area of your life. She is worth every penny! I absolutely love her!!”
Service Category: Medical Intuitive & Psychic Consultant
Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
California from TS

 *****  Smart, intuitive and sassy. Hits the marks ALL the time. Jan possesses the open and insightful ability to clearly “see” your “stuck” points. And with love and respect, is able to spiritually guide you to the answers you seek from the universe.
Working with Jan has helped me to further develop my job coaching business, by teaching me ways to attract new prosperity into my life.”
Service Category: intuitive
Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once)
New York from DW

 ***** Jan, Meryl is the ultimate professional and is one of the best out there in the Medical Intuitive field. She is sensitive to every detail of one’s experience and shares her readings carefully and with astounding accuracy!
I would highly recommend Jan Meryl.”
California from MS

 ***** I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful session yesterday. My head feels so much clearer, and I feel like I have gained such an understanding of myself and my life.
G, Wisconsin

***** Your scan and the following interpretation cast much needed light… I am grateful to you and to my spirit forces who gave me a nudge in your direction.

***** Words cannot express how much that reading meant to me yesterday.  I know the process of healing is not a rushed one…   I feel so much healing already.
…….. (personal info)
Anyways, you truly are amazing and even though it is expensive, it is worth every penny.  I had a very new organic experience today with the deep meditation and really feel the difference.  I hope that I can build a deep lasting relationship with you over the next several years.  love and light, G

 ***** I absolutely love and look forward to our monthly sessions. I have learned more about myself (and the world) in the last few months than I ever did in therapy. The books and movies that you and the guides have recommended are always perfect for what I am experiencing. It finally feels like I am on the fast track of spiritual growth. I can’t thank you enough and I would definitely like to sign up again for the monthly plan. Previously, I spoke with you once or twice a year when I was in crisis mode. It always helped. The difference with the monthly plan, is that there is a definite building on what I’ve learned in the previous month(s).
Massachusetts from L

 ***** Thank you, Jan!  I honestly don’t think I have felt this good in a long time, by the way.  Your last reading was really powerful for me…
Texas from A

 ***** I felt like my session yesterday was really helpful!  I felt a difference almost immediately and I was also able to feel like I addressed some things that were fairly deeply within me that I didn’t even consciously realize were there.  Thank you.  I really appreciate it!
Texas from D

 ***** I did a regressive hypnosis with you in December 2005. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that several months ago I met someone and that someone happened to be the love of my life in 3 past lifetimes, one of those lifetimes I remembered through the session with you. The second through recollection in the last few months, and the third I’m still putting the pieces together. What is more amazing is that he described certain details about that session I had with you that I had never told anyone. He remembers more than me for all the lifetimes. It’s pretty amazing. I thought you’d like to know, because I had been so skeptical of what I had and have experienced since, but finding someone who collaborates those experiences is a rare find. And yet again, we are together in another lifetime.
P from Florida

***** Hi Jan! : )   I just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful to have found you. I have been having physical issues that I am confronting and working through… but what has been a big help, is listening to all the old recorded tapes you have sent me! The first goes back to 2002. Listening to these tapes NOW, I am able to really connect the dots more clearly. Amazing. I would love to have another session soon. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you, how much your readings are helping me…even though they are from years past.

Much gratitude and beams of light,
Florida from T

 ***** I learned of Jan from my niece and decided to read her Energy 101 book before scheduling a reading.  I’ve been reading metaphysical books for about 35 years, the first being Seth’s The Nature of Personal Reality.  Well, about three or four chapters into the book, I realized that this was likely the best “you create your own reality” book I had read, including all the Seth books.  As a bonus, it also explains the why of many health issues: Energy blocks.  To me, it’s the most concise, to-the-point book of its kind around, and it explains the energy theme of the book in very simple and understandable terms; no esoteric babble.
And her reading was even more than I expected.  Not one thing did she say that was incorrect (pretty amazing), and she even reminded me of a health issue I had been told about several years ago by my now deceased chiropractor.  Thank you Jan for a great reading and for providing possible solutions for various energy (health) problems that came up in the reading.
Louisiana from DL

***** Just wanted to send you a little note to let you know how grateful I am for our sessions. I look forward to every session like they are my guiding light. I know that every time I feel stuck with a situation, I can call you and your guidance brings me out of the chaos into clarity!  I have seen amazing results in my life — in particular, your advice to remove negative energy blocks that keep me stuck in the past is always right on target! You are truly an angel here on earth and I am so grateful to be able to call you!
Florida from T

***** It is staggering how fast change can come, how fast life can get better when I am clear. I have never had so many breakthroughs in such a short period of time simply from the information I heard (and continue to hear and get as I listen to the recording of our session). Having the information so I can make stronger choices and ultimately be connected to my own natural knowing is so powerful.  Thank you.
California from  J Z

***** From the bottom of my heart. I thank you. I’ve referred several women to you. You truly are a gift.
California from TS,

***** Funny story…I had a telephone session with you three years ago and  just only re- listened to it now. Crazy thing is it was as if the  reading was done for me in this current time – it really blew me away  and wasso applicable and I really got it all.  It makes me really sad  that I wasn’t at a place 3 years ago to understand what my guides were  saying as it certainly would have saved me a lot of suffering but I am  glad to hear it now.
Canada from A

***** I am so grateful to have found Jan on an Internet search looking for a medical intuitive.  My two girls, ages 7 and 3, had a burning, itchy rash all over their bodies that no doctors could diagnose. They thought it could be scabies, eczema, psoriasis,, flies, etc.  We spent so much money on doctor bills, medications and creams, just to figure out none of it was going away.  This lasted almost two years.  The girls couldn’t sleep and they would itch themselves raw.  I called Jan and she explained what was going on, gave us the tools to help them and within two days their rashes cleared up.  Their skin has been fine now for almost a year.  I should have just called Jan first.
NW- Maine

***** June 14th 2009 is the day my Mother died shortly followed by my Father in August of that same year. After receiving an offer from Jan that I thought was a cold mass mailing of sorts, since I had never heard of Jan nor had I contacted her before this time. Upon calling her it soon became apparent that not only was I not on her mailing list but also too I was not anywhere in her computer. Both of us were stunned because she didn’t send the email and I didn’t request it. So, I felt that there was something Cosmic in our coming together in the first place. We did a session where she answered a list of questions that I had prepared ahead of the session. Jan was able to answer my questions so specifically that there could be no doubt that she indeed was in direct contact with my parents. I know this from the quips or expressions she got from my Mother. She also taught me to cut loose some of the connections I had with bad relationships that are beyond repair. Since our session I have been able to hear my Mothers and Fathers voices at times of very deep meditation, this is so comforting. Also, I  have successfully severed my ties to the unproductive and damaging relationships in my life. I am content.
Thank you so much Jan. God bless and keep you.
PL ,California

***** I have to thank you so much for the last couple of sessions. Basically, I had a real revelation about my whole health issues and I really feel like I have now released the major cause of my illness. I feel like I am finally getting to the root of my health issues. This has taken so many years and it was so simple. I have to thank you for your guidance, support and comfort throughout this process. I could not have done it without you! You had always told me that I would one day be out of pain, but I was not ever sure I would get there. Now, I feel like the end is in sight and I am going to be totally healthy!

*****  Sessions with Jan Meryl have been instrumental in coaching me toward my dream career. She encouraged me to follow my dreams and do what I love, and this has enabled me to start my ultimate business.  I strongly believe that Jan Meryl’s readings are well worth the money invested as the money that I have received from her suggestions is exponential compared to what I paid for the readings. I highly recommend anyone that wants to earn more, have financial freedom,  and/or change careers consult with Jan FIRST! I cannot thank her enough for her guidance as it totally changed my life!

***** Thank you so much for talking with me. I have gotten so strong! The words you told me have been going through my head-
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have helped change my life and turn this whole thing around. I feel so strong and so confident. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me get a backbone. You’re the best!!!
Love & Blessings

***** I have been meditating and cutting cords.  I woke up pain free for the first time in 7  months.  I hope it keeps working.  I am going to continue to listen to your cutting cords tape. Thank You so much.

*****  Lost Dog? Well, my dog  turned up this morning at a home about 10 miles from
where we last saw her. I am so totally thankful and grateful to you for your guidance.  This was a great lesson for me , as I have realized how to move into a vibration and a place of asking/receiving that I was not in before.

I have a sense that if this was not the direct intention of this experience,
that it was a wonderful benefit of it.   I am grateful to the dog and
everyone else who was involved. This is a major unfolding for me.  Thanks again.
M, Boulder, Colorada

***** I recently had a reading with you. It was wonderful and right on target. I have been working with all the suggestions you made to me. You have impacted my life in a wonderful way!
Love and Light C

***** Our deepest gratitude for stepping into our lives at this crucial
moment. Your help has caused much awakening in us. It has
made it clear to us that there is something unfolding beyond
our ego control and thatthe reality of spirit is there leading us step
by step.

***** Although I know that we may still have more work to do to allow
ourselves freedom from fear, I know you’ll be there to reminds us of the
reality of love…just at the right turn of our winding paths.

Thanks for being here to share your gift with us and so many others.

***** I want to thank you for the hypnosis session we had on Tuesday.  It is incredible the difference in me.  I feel awake, anew.  I have started the homework you and the guides have given me.  I watched the movie, which was like a light bulb being turned on. I am so excited, I feel like a kid and I want to soak up as much information as I can. It’s only been a couple of days and I can’t get the information fast enough. Everything that I thought I imagined is real and I am assimilating so much.  What a relief, I am so happy that I could almost cry.
There is so much I want to tell you, but you already know.  I’m waking up from a dream world and I couldn’t have done it without you.
DL, Florida

*****  Just wanted you to know that “S” said he had a GREAT session with you on the phone yesterday. He was so excited last night (and at peace) about getting such a great connection with his wife on the other side. It reminded me of what a blessing you have been to me and how much peace it brings to me when you connect me with my son. I just want to thank you for being that channel and support for me in my life. I am blessed to know you.
Love, S

***** It has been around 2 weeks since my reading with you and I wanted to write to thank you and express the meaning your ‘scan’ has had in my life…
I have recently been praying for assistance with my journey when a friend sent your info to me. It resonated immediately and next thing I knew you were looking at my energetic health and helping me to see my whole life’s patterns in a way I had never been able to do on my own.  I suddenly had light bulb moment after light bulb moment while talking with you. I heard my own ‘knowing’ rise up inside me as you helped ME remember my own truth and to really look at the things I had been choosing to avoid for quite some time.  There is something incredibly empowering about looking at everything in your life straight on…I must have been afraid of what would happen if I started to do that, but if I had know then what I know now, I would have LOOKED a lot sooner.  I feel lighter and freer than ever now that  In addition, support seems to be coming out of the woodwork since I began to face things…it is not as scary as I thought it would be.
Even my children are benefiting …………….WOW! It is awesome to see the line of changes one call to you has made…it is affecting so many lives within my own family.
I am grateful for your ‘no nonsense’ approach and it is delivered in such a loving and supportive way. Thank you for such beautifully tailored constructive advice. I know the revelations will continue to speak to me long after our conversation has ended.  I really feel as though I have taken a giant shift that finally has me moving in the direction I want to go. LIFE IS SO MAGICAL and you are part of its wonder.  Thank you. You are an angel in my life.
BH, Ohio

***** I just wanted to write and say thank you.  My Past Life regression was great.  In a strange way I feel very peaceful, maybe they were just things that I needed to face and start dealing with.  Thank you so much.  I know we talked about doing another regression more for fun than for issues just to see who I was and who everyone else was.  I would like to schedule that. ..
K H, Florida

***** I had the blessing of connecting with Jan Meryl, and it changed my life.  I was very ill for almost a year, with symptoms resembling Fibromyalgia.  I went to several doctors and healer and was diagnosed with an Auto Immune.  They gave me several types of meds. and herbs, all of which did nothing.  I continued  to get worse and was unable to work.  After thousands of dollars, and no solution I began to take matters in to my own hands, and started searching the web and asking for the Angels to assist me.  That is when I found Jan’s website.  After a full body scan session with her, she told me what I needed to do, and I did exactly as she suggested.  Within two weeks I was feeling 50% better.  It was amazing!!!!!!  I no longer have an Auto Immune disease, and I continue to do the work she suggested.  Jan tells it like it is, and she is incredibly accurate.  She truly is an Angel

*****  The past life / life between life that “M” and I
did with you seems to have been the best gift I could have ever given myself.  Makes going through these things much easier.
K, Ohio

***** Hi, Jan:  I just wanted to tell you again how great it was to be a part of my first angel healing circle.  It was a loving experience that brought me peace and valuable insights into my own life.  Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of it.  I will look forward to joining future circles
MJ, Ohio

 ***** Thanks for the gift of a beautiful healing circle this week. I experienced a very real and important consciousness shift – one in which true release of past fears and old patterned beliefs occurred.

I’ve also noticed that over the past few days the peaceful and powerful energy I felt after the meditations has remained accessible to my mind and body.  I have a sense that I am experiencing a frequency shift, if you will, and that it has been sinking into my being for several days.

Perhaps the most profound understanding that has arisen for me is a knowing that I am ready- on several levels and dimensions – to trust completely in the goodness of the universe.  This is a very expansive and spacious perspective.   The image I am carrying of my Self is one of having dropped the  past  and the weight of the past. I am open to receive the present moment of fullness and grace.

 ***** Your Gallery Workshop was very informative. I am reading your book and feel that is the information  I have been searching for a long time! Please keep me informed on the events.

 *****  I have your book Energy 101 and I refer to it often. It is a classic in my humble opinion.

***** About a month ago, I read your book again, have been doing the chord cutting, and reviewed the energy scan you did for me two years ago. I thought to myself that although money is tight right now, your reading has done more for me than anything else, and I should have another one done. I’ve meditated, ohmed, done affirmations, prayed, read other books, listened to tapes, etc. but nothing compares to your readings. So, I’d love to schedule another  reading now.

***** Thought I’d let you know that after the reading yesterday I felt overwhelmed. Your readings are the most helpful I’ve ever had.  I can’t tell you how I’ve been searching for years for the information about my anxiety and medicating with alcohol.  I’ve wanted so badly to understand.  Your gift to me of that understanding is so precious to me.  Thank you.

***** I feel hope and relief after our conversation last night.  You validated so much of what I was feeling, that I now can move forward with peace and confidence.
Last night I actually pulled out an old black cord and began snipping away at it.  Each snip represented some emotion I needed to release.  It was amazing.  I feel like a weight has been lifted. You are a wonderful teacher and healer.
A, Louisiana

 ***** I haven’t missed one of these Angelic Healing Circles, since I’ve started them with you, and I don’t intend to. This is very powerful stuff. My body has never felt this good. I ran two blocks for the bus, coming home, and I caught it. (51 years old)

*****  Thanks so much for the Angel Healing Circle meditation last night. This was really a revelation for me. I was able to feel plugged into my heart energy almost right from the start. The feeling continued to get more expansive for me. At one point it felt as if I jumped into this drawing that I have on my computer of ………with her two sisters in this mountain scene, next to a waterfall.

I was so relaxed today. It was truly amazing. I found myself talking from that still point. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to stay there, but it seemed that keeping the core posture, with my breathing, and remembering some of what we did last night kept the feeling alive.

*****  This has been a really great two years for me. I had a reading from you a little over two years ago and ever since then I’ve been learning to co-create and developing a relationship with my spirit guides.

***** Let me thank you again for the role you’ve been playing in helping me to learn how to be all I am. I truly appreciate it.
E, Oregon

***** I absolutely loved talking with you.  I can’t tell you what a profound impact you’ve had on my life! We meet very few people in life who really touch us and are able to set us back on the right track, and you did just that for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂
DL, Las Vegas

***** I wanted to thank You for the wonderful reading you gave me yesterday. It was very enlightening and your insight was very helpful. I am so glad that my mother came through and expressed her thoughts about me. It always makes me feel good that she is watching over me. You are truly a kind and very special person.
AM from NJ
Dear Jan ,
Thank  you for the information on Tantra.  We went to a weekend in Georgia with Diana and Richard and it was and is a very healing experience for me and George.  We connected and are doing our home practice.  It saved my life. We both go to the course in miracles and communicate so much deeper. I love N.C.  the air is wonderful.
Thanks again and best wishes. K

***** You did a reading for my cats….You had told me Emme was i ntelligent and trying to send messages to us…. We apologized to Emme after the reading and told her we knew that she was smart. She has been a better cat ever since!  She is happier, calmer….and approaches us more…..My husband and I both see it.

I was also worried b/c my other cat suffered severe anxiety about leaving the house… You told me that the universe would help find me an at home vet…Believe me I had looked all over for one and was skeptical of this… But I asked the universe along with my cat to bring me one….the next day I looked in the same phone book that I had been looking in for months…and there was an advertisement for a “Cat Clinic”…with House Calls!! I called them…they came out and gave the cats their vaccinations…and will be able to do this every year for us! Cleopatra was very happy about this. Finding the Cat Clinic was amazing to me 🙂
JC, Connecticut

 ***** You did a reading for me on 4/23 of this year. I am not sure you specifically remember it since you have so many clients…. I had chronic Lyme Disease, and a lot of issues stemming around fear…especially fear of living.
I have done quite a bit of your suggestions in the last few months and want to thank you for guiding me to such great material…The books have been amazing, and mediations wonderful……Thank You for the reading in April… It was such a turning point for me. The last 2 months I have felt better than I have felt in years both physically and spiritually, and ironically my life has been filled with stress
JC from CT

*****  Thanks for everything…God sent me to you and I am forever grateful.
S, New Jersey

***** Well, the angels and God have offered us this house.  We are really thrilled and so glad to have found what we were looking for in terms of yard, neighborhood and size.    I believe it will make a wonderful place to do healing work, and meditation groups.   Many thanks to you for your help and for keeping me focused. Your reading was right on as usual.
M from Colorado

***** I just wanted you to know that the meeting with Mr. —— is scheduled for Tuesday February 3rd .  That is the exact date you gave me in my last reading although we both thought it was a strange date.  A lot of weird things happened to make that date a reality including …….
K, Florida

 ***** Jan, my experience was unbelievable.  You really hit everything right on the nose with me.    I was so overwhelmed by your reading, I cried afterward because it was so unbelievable to me that a stranger would know all of these deep conflicts I’ve held inside for so long.  I know in my heart and spirit that I was meant to have your reading and that it’s all part of God’s plan for my healing.   Right when I got off the phone with you, I ordered your book You are very special to me and I thank God for your talent and for putting us together at the right time in my life.
C, N.J.

 ***** Life is good.  Thank you again, as well as the angels that led me to you, for being one of the great teachers for this voyage.   It feels so good to no longer be afraid – especially when what I feared most this year was truth.  I’m looking forward to the future.
There have been many important people this year on this voyage, but discovering you, was quite interesting.  Like so many things this year where I feel their was divine intervention to lead me in the right direction – I certainly feel that my guides led me to you to help fire the energy in me.  I certainly feel that my conversations with you, your book list and the healing circle has been a wonderful catalyst for personal growth.  A journey that I have begun many times – but always seem to set aside.  But this time – the foundation was strong for growth – and a strong motivational factor was added.  Every thing seems to be falling into place. God bless you Jan
Ohio from K

*****  Jan, you have helped me in many ways, but here is some anecdotal evidence of your accuracy.

The first time you read for me over the phone, at least 3 years ago now, you saw a large group of relatives who have passed away. You talked about a very kind, grandmotherly energy connection to the name Helen or Helene.Immediately, I told you that my Nana’s name was Helene (she was still living at the time of this reading). Not until I started doing my genealogy research a couple of years ago and talking to living family members did I learn that one of my Nana’s closest friends had died a while back and her name was Helen. Both this woman and my Nana had reputations of being kind women.

In a subsequent reading a couple of years ago, you also mentioned that I had a Harold in my plethora of dead relatives. At the time, I had no knowledge of that.  My Nana (Helene) passed away in June, 2003 at age 87. At her funeral, I saw her cousin named June who is 6 months older. I asked June if I could come and see her while I was in Massachusetts because I was working on the family tree and I wanted to interview her. June said my Nana and she have another cousin named Beverly who is 74 and lives in Florida. Beverly has also been working on the family genealogy. June put us in touch with each other and Beverly and I have been sharing information. Beverly’s father was Harry (Harold). 🙂

You also mentioned a deceased Mary who said she did not want to be forgotten. Turns out that there is at least one Mary and also a couple of MaryAnn’s (one who went by Ann) in the line of ancestral grandmother’s a few generations back. I also had a step great-grandmother named Marion who knew me as a young child. I am still trying to uncover more detailed information about all of them. But all of these people mentioned in this email were connected to my Nana, Helene.

Mountain View, CA, from K

*****  Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed (and needed!) the healing circle during which I saw a silvery white light that was so beautiful. When we were asked to place other people in the pillar of light in the middle of the circle, I put my children in there. Immediately, I saw a flash of golden yellow light under them (it looked like “ignition” when a rocket blasts off). It was so powerful. The energy from the circle was phenomenal.  I could feel the energy coming from you on my left the entire time. Thank you again for allowing me to participate.
New York from J

***** Hope all is well with you. I’m reading a book that I really enjoy and I thought I’d pass along the title to you so you can check it out and perhaps it may help others. It’s called, “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn.  It basically reiterates what you told me in my last reading that the way to change your life is to change the way you FEEL and raise your energy vibration. I’ve listened to your last reading at least 10 times or more and each time I get more out of it. It provides me with wonderful insight and comfort.
Thanks again.
NY, from BM

***** Your readings on my tooth were pretty much accurate.  The x ray showed little except for a dark spot above the tooth indicating an inflammation or minor infection.   But the tooth had to be ground due to a bad bite, which I think was the real culprit. In any event, the pain is now gone.    As always, thanks for your help.
Fort Lauderdale Florida, from Richard

***** I am filled with overwhelming gratitude for all that you have done for me. The results have been miraculous!

The heaviness and pain in my left shoulder were instantly removed when we cut the cords during the energy field scan. I purchased your tape on how to cut cords and was able to remove the remaining ones. The pain in my shoulders and mid-back (which was there for years) is now completely gone.

***** I listened to the energy scan tape you recorded during my session and wrote out the affirmations, quotes from Spirit and suggestions you gave me to focus on. I carry it with me so that I can read it whenever possible during the day in order to do the work you recommended to heal myself.  I also want to thank you for the suggestions you emailed me after the readings. Your caring goes way beyond just doing the reading.

***** I have wanted to do Reiki healings for some time but was unsure of my ability, uncertain whether this was the right path for me, etc. I spoke my word, as you advised, and several days later I was informed of a possible position at a Day Salon/Spa where six or seven clients had been inquiring about Reiki treatments!

*****  For the past several months, I had been feeling blue and “down in the dumps” for no specific reason. Since having the scan, cutting the (grief) cords and doing the meditations and affirmations you suggested, those feeling are gone and now there is a feeling of peace and gratitude for all that is.

***** Without your assistance and guidance, none of this would have been possible. You are truly amazing, not only because of what you do, but because of the very special person that you are.

Love and Light,
N.Y. from Jeanne

*****  I purchased your book. I just received it today and I can’t stop reading it. It’s excellent – the chapter entitled “Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity” was an eye-opener!
New York.  from J,

*****  Hi Jan, This is so awesome I just had to write to you.  You are right on the spot of the ages and time frames.  I am really looking forward to finishing this process and finally being a whole person instead of Swiss cheese…LOL.  Thanks for all you have done to help me heal…love and blessings T, Florida

***** I know you can’t remember all the readings you do but one thing that kept coming up with the medical reading you did for me was the darkness in my lower abdomen.  Well Dr. “C”  who is a researcher of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibro and chemical poisonings from the Gulf War was so impressed after me telling him about you.  He is world known  and I gave him your number and I hope he calls you.  Anyway I can go on and on but he basically told me you saved my life from that bad polyp I had removed from my colon.  I probably would have put the colonoscopy off again because I hate it but I went and they got it.  Thank you my dear friend Jan.

*****  Every time I get off the phone after a reading with you I have one comment:
“WOW!”   You are amazing!
N.Y. from YK

*****  I have read your book and I wanted to let you know that it has changed my life.  I understand why my guides were repeatedly suggesting your book because it has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. I wanted you to know that I am going to take my reading to heart and the lessons of your book because I am very serious about changing my life. Thanks so much.
Detroit Michigan, from CH

 ***** Again, thank you for all your help.  Please know that you (and my guides) have pulled me through something I didn’t think I could make it through.  I believe I would have given up on life if I hadn’t met you, especially after everything my father went through the last week of his life.  I don’t know how to thank you but I hope someday I can repay you for all that you have given me.  You have certainly had a huge impact on me.
Florida from K

***** I am so glad that I saw your little ad in the local new age magazine back in November.  When I first called you for a reading, I was very depressed about turning 30 with none of my personal or professional goals accomplished.  After the magical 1 hour that I spent on the phone with you, my entire perspective on things changed which lead to several life altering decisions.    I have talked with many “psychics” over the past 7 years, but none’s gift has been as strong as yours.  You have empowered me – which most people in your line of work don’t do.  Because of the insights that you brought to my attention, I have had several breakthroughs and I am in complete trust that I will accomplish my goals.  Thank you so much for helping me take control of my life.  I have recommended your services to several friends and my Mom, and they all have told me how astonished they are at your gifts and how you have helped them as well.
Washington DC from W

***** Your gift can save lives and even make them more wonderful.  It sure did that for me.

***** I have referred several people to you.
I have made a major breakthrough. I got my tape and listened to it. Then I did the Cord Cutting mediation tape. Immediately after, I fell asleep and had a dream about

 ***** You changed my life!!!  Thank you so much.  I’m so motivated to put my dreams into motion.  This is my priority right now, next to removing my other blocks!!!
Virginia from WM

***** By the way, I’ve had a man in my life for just over a week.  He’s a little taller than me, about the same age as me (6 months older), dark hair and a beard/mustache, and had been a marine and carries a chain saw 24/7 in his truck  You had done a reading last year and told me I’d meet a dark haired man that had a beard/mustache, was a little older than me that was foreign and knew Karate and was very self disciplined and very kind/caring…..  It’s really uncanny that I met this man…

***** I had a reading with you a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to thank you again. Your work, I think, is incredibly accurate and insightful.  I just re-listened to my tapes and feel I have a better understanding of what you read for me.  Your book has proven very helpful and has helped me better understand what is going on, etc. (and very interesting)! ……………..

Thanks again,
MA, from Lisa B from

***** I just have to tell you that your cords tape has been working incredibly for me.  Of course I came upon it at the right moment in my life – although I wish I had done it years ago -I was very able to slip easily into these dimensions – your descriptions are vivid and the time you allow is great.  Even though your directions are very specific – it allows for immense possibilities in my viewing. I  have seen thin cords, braided cords, thick flat cords and a thick pair of  black pants on me that I scraped off systematically with a paint scraper.  It is amazing to see where they are attached and who they are attached to.   I just want to thank you so much for creating this tape so that I could have the opportunity to energetically free myself.
I’m glad you kept the tape in this form because it makes the work especially powerful.
New Jersey,  from Barbara

***** Just a message- now that my head is clear and I am pain free, I want to thank you for the reading a few days ago. I cannot believe (well yes I can) how my body has responded. I have had this chronic pain for at least 18 years and now I have full use of my arms and I can turn my neck without restriction…… the low back is sore but coming right along. I always believed healing could be this way and little did I know after all my therapies that I had so many cords still attached to childhood issues. I feel the truth of myself is understood and empowered… just what I needed.  I love the world of spirit and the reality of living in this physical world is not a burden anymore….thank you for reconnecting me.
Nancy, California_

***** I am anxiously awaiting your tape.  From my notes of your reading, I was amazed.  Please put me on your mailing list.  I have already recommended you to two people.  Thanks again.
Sarasota, Florida, from Donna

***** Just a quick note to let you know that in a recent reading you told me that there would be another earthquake in our area (I live in the Northeast) and sure enough there was last week. It was only a .3 so we didn’t even feel it.
Glens Falls, NY, from Beth

***** Just wanted to let you know ” T” and I have been talking daily. He had shared, a couple of weeks ago, that he was in a lot of pain about hurting this woman but said goodbye to her. He said she was nice but just a distraction. I heard that right out of your mouth! ……………….. Thanks for always confirming what I believe is my truth. You are always right on the money.
Naples Florida from Julie

***** I just want to express my deep appreciation to you and my spirit guide for the several channeling sessions. The communications received at critical times was accurate and extremely helpful, and made the whole difference in my life.  Moreover, your extraordinary abilities, genuine concern and caring attitude, was the critical ingredient to this end result.  Thank you.
Fort Lauderdale, Fl from  R

***** Just a little note to let you know how much I am enjoying the book that you recommended. I cannot put it down. It speaks to my soul. Thank you for such a wonderful gift. As always you are a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. I believe you are an Angel on earth, always guiding and assisting one’s soul to the right path. Thank you. At this time I have 3 books by my bed side, your book is one, my bible and this new one. Oh, I am also using  your Cutting  Cords tape.

***** Yes, I would say I have the privilege of having Jan Meryl 24/7 to help me during those times I feel uneasy or unsure. Thank you for that privilege and honor. But most of all thank you for being there and giving me the tools I need in order to better  enrich My Spirit.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

***** Since my last session with you I have followed your suggestion and found them to be life changing. I say the affirmations daily. For the first time my business has broken my previous record of $1750 (in one day) and actually broke $2000 which was my next goal. Thanks for your help! I’m just getting going!
Georgia from NM

***** You all have heard of tell it like it is Dr. Phil, well this is tell it like it is Jan Meryl. This is not fluff and frills. You better get ready to hear the truth and then take action for that is the only way you will ever get results. When I called I was in a phase lock loop of repeat bad stuff that kept happening over and over again from one situation to another, year after year. I was not prepared to hear that I was creating it myself. Excuse me, oh no, Jan will not candy coat what you need to hear. She helped me face the facts, she knew the truth of it all and I never said a word, she just knew. She guided me to the resources I needed to turn my life around, the books, tapes and changes I needed to make. I took hold of what she told me, listened to my tape over and over no matter how hard it was to hear the mistakes, and within four to five months I was able to turn my life completely around. No one could believe it, especially my closest family and friends. But I did and I still am.
Love yourself enough to call Jan Meryl and hear what can help you change you life too. Life is too short, so don’t wait for another day to go bye. Call and find out what can truly make your path in life more wonderful ….honest.
Love and Light…Happy in Central Florida

***** I wish to thank you for all the help that you gave to me this past year. Just that one phone call to you positively turned my life around. I have a wonderful new job now and just got an awesome raise and my life has become so blessed since I read your wonderful book and spoke to you. Thank You,

***** To those seeking health, guidance and peace;
Within days after speaking to Jan Meryl my physical problems and mental anxiety started to ease.
One of the most significant benefits to speaking with Jan is that she helps you find your inner path which can ultimately lead you to your own happiness. The peace she has enabled me to attain due to her suggestions and guidance over the last nine months have completely changed my life. Her gifts as a psychic and channeler are truly miraculous. Anybody who is able to have contact with such a talented and special woman as Jan should feel blessed.
P.S. Don’t forget to do the homework she gives you…
Boulder, Colorado, from LF

***** I have been a CPA for 20 years. For the past 12 years I have run a local CPA firm. In addition, I have two young children. At age 41 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was unable to work or keep up with my family responsibilities.
A dear friend put me in touch with Jan, thank goodness. First she led me through a process of childhood regressions. Through this hypnotic technique I discovered reasons for patterns in my family dynamics that I had never understood before. This may sound irrelevant to my current health problems but I assure you it was not! Jan helped me see how to clear the patterns that were dragging me down.
Once that process was completed, Jan realized there were still issues remaining. She led me through an exploration of previous life causes of chronic pain that I had been suffering from. In going through that process I discovered issues that they were affecting my relationships with my husband and my children. Jan showed me how to heal these issues in my life.
Since my work with Jan, my health has improved. My mind is working again. I can be productive again. My relationships at home have improved. My sex life has improved. In fact, there is no area of my life that has not improved.
If your life isn’t working like you want it to, you don’t have to accept that. You can change it. Jan can help you. Reach out to her!

***** I just had a reading with you today. I don’t know if you will recall, but in the reading you told me that my dad (who has passed on to the other side) said he was with someone with a name that started with J. I told you that I didn’t know of anyone that he knew that had a name that started with a J. You told me to ask my mother about it after the reading. I spoke with my mom later and she reminded me of my dad’s cousin Jerry. I had met him when I was a child but had forgotten about him during the reading. I got the chills when she reminded me.
Mountain View California from Lynn

***** My name is S and I am from New Jersey. I have had chronic fatigue syndrome for almost 9 years. I am 25 years old and became sick at 16. It has been a rough road dealing with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and lyme disease.Most of the time that I was sick I was tossed from doctor to doctor, who really had no idea what was wrong with me because my blood work was good (according to medical standards) and all they did was medicate me with medication after medication, to mask my symptoms.

About two weeks ago, I was lying in bed…couldn’t sleep and listening to an audio tape and they were talking about people who are kind of on a plateau with getting well, and that the best thing to do would be to get in touch with a medical intuitive because there are energy blocks preventing one from getting well. Instantly, I had such a strong feeling come over me that I knew what I had to do. So I got on the Internet and Jan Meryl’s name popped up. We arranged for a medical intuition reading.
The first thing that Jan said to me was that my guides were very tired…she said that they were telling her that I had chronic fatigue syndrome. During a scan, she told me where I had energy blocks and why I wasn’t healing faster than I was. She told me things that blew me away….for instance she told me that when I was 16, I first got sick with pain in my left knee, and that is exactly what happened. She told me that I had a fear block on my lower right side and I know that I do. She told me how to clear these blocks and other things that I could do to help myself to speed up my recovery. I was able to ask her questions about myself and my family. Her answers made a lot of sense to me and some of what she said has already happened. My sister also got a reading, because my entire family was so impressed with her accuracy in my reading. Within two weeks, my sister ‘s life has taken a completely different route and she is happier than ever.
Jan explained to me why I got sick and what my purpose is in life. I recommend her highly ….she has honestly changed my life. She doesn’t heal you but tells you what to do to heal yourself. It is not easy work and it doesn’t happen over night, but in these past two weeks since the reading, my whole world has changed and I am starting to feel the physical changes taking place.”

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