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Are you suffering from
Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Fibromyalgia,    Crohn's Disease, IBS, Arthritis, Back Pains, Gum Disease, Heart Disease, Headaches, Depression, Carpel Tunnel, etc?

How to create permanent self-healing


The Key To Understanding Holistic Health

by Medical Intuitive, Alternative Health Coach

Jan Meryl 

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The paperback BOOK on Alternative Health

 and Healing

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Energy 101

explains the mind, body, spirit  connection.

This book:

  • Awakens your inner power to heal.

  • Contains an entire how-to section of self- healing techniques for clearing karmic block to health and happiness.

  • Explains why previous attempts to heal have not worked.

Learn your soul's reason's for manifesting illness and disease, and how to catapult yourself toward rapid healing.

Book Cover

Energy 101 addresses common everyday
 questions such as:

  • Why do I feel ill?
  • Why Am I depressed?
  • Why don't I have financial security?
  • Why do I feel stuck?
  • Why do I keep having the same problems in relationships?
  • What can I do to heal?

In Energy 101: The Key to Understanding Holistic Health, Jan compiles 15 years of information gathered from spirit guides during Jan's channeling and medical intuition sessions. Jan tells how to discover karmic blocks to your own health and happiness that are lodged in your energy field and how to go about clearing them from your field. In fact, the third section of this book is a manual of healing techniques that the spirit guides have recommended in Jan's medical intuitive sessions. These self-help intuitive healing methods have been tested and proved successful in altering the energy fields and lives of many of Jan's clients.


The following are
excerpts from ENERGY 101

Copyright  2001 Jan Meryl. All rights reserved.

Here is what Energy 101 has to say about an energy crash:

Many people who seek holistic healers are experiencing a build up of negative energy. Some of my new clients are people who are experiencing the effects of being at the core of a negative energy spiral. Their lives appear to be falling apart. Finances, relationships, and bodies accelerate breakdown procedures when the negative energy charge grow proportionately greater than the personal stock of positive energy because positive energy fuels the creation of health and happiness. The more that goes wrong, the more that one focuses on what appears to be missing in one's life. As perceptions of lack grow, so do feelings that reality does not contain whatever it takes to fulfill one's needs and desires. As perceptions feed feelings and feelings feed perceptions, negative manifestations multiply until the person has exhausted the conventional means of assistance and support, including, doctors, psychiatrists, friends, relatives and financial counselors. That is when the angels guide my clients to call me to connect them to their spirit guides.

I am grateful and fortunate to hear from my clients just when they have decided that something needs to change. When a "dark night of the soul" experience happens, the light begins to dawn on them that they had better listen up and embrace a new personal agenda. A dark night experience doesn't just happen by accident. It happens because they allow their lives to proceed without making the necessary course corrections that would create happiness and well being. I explain to my clients how their free will choices are burying them with every succeeding negative thought and feeling that they are having. In order to change one's emotional energetic charge, one must make the necessary positive changes in one's life as well as to one's choice of thoughts and belief systems.

A negative energy spiral is the equivalent of being within an invisible tornado that destroys all aspects of your life. A positive spiral will move in the opposite direction. A good strong positive energy spiral will manifest heaven on the earth for the individual so that life's takes on a joyful, magical feeling.


Here is some of what Energy 101 has to say about how blocks in the energy field affect relationships:

Feeling Tired? Are You Low on Energy?

The body needs energy to create health and the psyche needs energy to create satisfying, fulfilling feelings of happiness and joy. We all know the tired feeling that results when we are low in energy. That feeling comes about from the following three possible causes.

We feel tired when:

1. we need rest and renewal.

2. the positive flow of energy through our energy centers (chakras) is restricted and blocked by negative energy vortices. These vortices are little black holes through which positive energy leaks. When energy leaks, we lose power.

3 positive energy drains through a cord connected to another person. This is how we give our power away.


Here is what Energy 101 has to say about Cords:

When two people agree to interact and play out their feelings of lack, they form a cord between them that houses their negative energy. The negative energy comes from the agreed upon false beliefs from the "I Am NOT" list. (This list is available in the complete version of the book). A cord is a very real manifestation in the spirit realm. It serves a purpose. The cord will relay energy between the two parties. It will keep two people tied together. Each one will feed each the other's issues of lack, until one decides to break free from the negative self‑perception.

Two people that are connected to a negative energy cord are doing a dance. An action by one will cause a reaction in the other. When a negative pattern is recognized, the person who chooses to remove the veil of innocence and see the true issue, may cut the cord in a meditative state. This will help the person to process the lesson more rapidly. When the lessons are learned naturally, the cords are automatically discarded.

Sometimes people get stuck in the dance for very long periods of time. Without realizing it they will go round and round, perpetually repeating the dynamic negative energy pattern. These patterns get moved along from one generation to another. This is called inherited karma.

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 More Excerpts

page 69

. .......The patient was recovering from surgery to his leg, and the swelling was increasing. The results were baffling the doctors.

The doctor gave me the man's first name, and I put in a request to the angels for assistance. I was told that the man was gripped with the fear of aging. He had classic mid-life fears of losing power and virility. I could see that he manifested a problem in his leg because of his fear that he would not be able to stand firmly on his own two legs as he aged. If the man had the cultural background that presented positive benefits connected with aging, which includes the respect and wisdom that accompany maturity, he would not have been suffering from the illness. Instead, he held beliefs and perceptions of loss of ability and power. He manifested the problem in his right leg, which symbolically represents male energy.

The physician then informed me that even though this man was middle aged, he had just married a very young girl in her twenties. This act clearly exacerbated the problem. While on the surface it might have made this man feel young  with a youthful partner, deep down he was combining fear of age together with jealousy of her youth and tossing them both into his shadow.

Marrying a significantly younger woman opened a barrage of fearful thoughts for the patient. In addition to his original fears, he had added the fear that as he grew older, he would have a hard time keeping up with his youthful partner. He also added to that the fear that as his wife aged, she might begin to look for a younger man to replace her aged husband. The result was a manifestation of physical symptoms in his body.

While walking arm in arm with youth might have seemed to calm this mans fears at the time of his marriage, it went on to multiply them and bring them to fruition. Getting to know his shadow motivations prior to choosing a wife might have averted the manifestation of physical problems.  It was clear that this man had some serious work to do to identify, process, and resolve his fears, before he would be able to permanently heal and stand on healthy legs again.

Much of the dust that I see in the energy field results from shadow issues that are unconsciously stored away. Shadow energies are a large part of the reason that the victim perspective is so prevalent. When we are unaware of the negative emotional energy that we build and hold on to, it has great power to insidiously produce an unwanted and seemingly uncontrollable personal reality. Shadow energies motivate our internal saboteur.

By moving shadow issues into the foreground and dealing with them, we remove their ominous power to insidiously control circumstances that appear to victimize us. It takes a great deal of courage to deal with shadow issues. It is because of our fear of admitting our judgments and weaknesses that banishes them to the shadow in the first place. Looking at the shadow is the equivalent of opening Pandora's box.


Chakra 5

Seat of Expression, Release, Change, and Choice

Choice: to hold on to the ego-self or let it go.
 The fifth chakra is the chakra of the voice, the will, release, change, and choice.  The act of using ones voice is an act of release and empowerment.

Symptoms, Issues, and Lessons

The fifth chakra houses the energy of the will. A decision to change must come from the will.  Many internal battles between the heart and the mind are begun in the area of the fourth and fifth chakras, when fear faces off with desire.  The thyroid gland can suffer the effects of the battle together with the heart, the lung, and the thymus gland.  Tension in the neck and shoulders also results from the stress produced.

Resistance to the release of negative and limiting behavior patterns, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts results in the formation of energy blocks in the fifth chakra.  Restrictions of personal expression due to laziness, resignation, fear, shame, or even grief will cause problems with the teeth, gums, jaw, throat, thyroid, esophagus, and vocal cords.  Shortness of breath and hiatal hernia can also develop. The expression, lump in your throat, implies that fear can lodge and block expression. This is exactly what happens on the energy field. Children that are taught not to question or confront adults form massive blocks in their fifth chakras. 

Copyright 2001 Jan Meryl. All rights reserved


Energy 101:

The Key To Understanding Holistic Health


Dear Jan -
I purchased your book. I just received it today and I can't stop reading it. It's excellent - the chapter entitled "Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity" was an eye-opener!
Jeanne from Long Island, New York.


I learned of Jan from my niece and decided to read her Energy 101 book before scheduling a reading.  I’ve been reading metaphysical books for about 35 years, the first being Seth’s The Nature of Personal Reality.  Well, about three or four chapters into the book, I realized that this was likely the best “you create your own reality” book I had read, including all the Seth books.  As a bonus, it also explains the why of many health issues: Energy blocks.  To me, it’s the most concise, to-the-point book of its kind around, and it explains the energy theme of the book in very simple and understandable terms; no esoteric babble.
RD from Louisiana

I would like to tell you how profoundly I enjoyed your book, Energy 101. I experienced a remarkable transformation as a result of learning how the Universal laws of energy operate in our everyday existence and applying their healing principles as clearly explained in each chapter. Your book expanded my understanding of reality, and helped me recognize and express the truth about myself as a creative joyful being. Thank you for giving me the tools and guidance I needed to heal and find freedom from fear. "Energy 101" is essential reading for those who are on the path from unhappiness to joy.
Marilyn D. a  reader review  from Colorado


Book Reviews

ENERGY 101: The Key To Understanding Holistic Health, by Jan Meryl,  sheds light on both who we are as human beings and what we need as opposed to what we think we need. It tears away the myths and illusions that trap us in lives of endless frustration, disappointment and loss, fated to repeat our chaotic, dysfunctional and self defeating patterns until we are forced, by illness or total collapse, to find another truth and try alternative solutions. Meryl and her wise spirit mentors tell us how to give up the roll of victim hood and access our inner wisdom to create health, happiness and success. Meryl provides an illustrated step-by-step plan for healing and evolution that is stunningly insightful and dazzling in its simplicity.

I recommend that you take this journey with Meryl and her guides, and join the community of expanding, intelligent, interconnected energy that is rising across the planet at this time.

Luise Light, Ed.D.  CIH
Editorial and Media Relations Director for
Stillpoint Publishing &
Former executive editor, New Age Journal
( Body and Soul Magazine)


Energy 101 is definitely the key to opening up the doors of healing on a spiritual level.  As a naturopath, I believe in balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit.  This book helps us walk through problems that interfere with this balance and takes us  into solutions. I highly recommend this book to all my clients.

Howard Peiper N.D., nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, has written numerous books on nutrition and natural health including 12 best sellers on nutrition and natural health.


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