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Pic of Angel channeled in Medical Intuitive energy Field Health Scan

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Medical Intuitive

Energy Field Health Scans

Medical Intuitive Energy Field (Lightbody) Health Scans are provided over the telephone for a worldwide clientele.

In the course of my work as a medical intuitive and psychic consultant, I am asked to comment on the state of a person’s health and well being. My process begins by examining the person’s energy field, which is also called the lightbody. I do this  by activating a clairvoyant Medical Intuitive Health Scan where I watch a horizontal bar move slowly down over the energy field, indicating where the energy is flowing and where it is restricted.

Being healthy requires a free flow of life force energy throughout the energy field. This flowing life force energy feeds our organs and our bodily systems. Where  the energy is blocked, there isn’t any life force flow to create and sustain healthy systems and organs.  That is why low frequency negative energy blocks on the energy field are the underlying cause of illness and disease.
SEE VIDEO- “Medical Intuitive Energy Field Scan

What I see

on an Energy Field Scan

When I do an energy field  health scan, my observations are made by watching my inner visual screen, rather than the person’s actual body. In my inner vision, I can see that a health scan resembles a radar or sonar screen. By focusing on each   energy block, I am able to determine what kind of block it is, where it came from and  why it is there.  When I discover this information,  I can  offer suggestions as to how to go about clearing the restriction.

Forming Blocks

People develop negative energy blocks in the energy field when there is a negative thought, feeling, perspective or belief that is stored, rather than being processed and released. For example, fears  are negative energy thoughts. When a person thinks about lack and loss they are also creating negative energy thoughts. A negative energy thought registers on the energy field as a small black hole or vortex. The hole  leaks life force energy. These minuscule spots  are totally dark places where no light can shine in or through. In addition, the spots emit a negative magnetic charge that will attract similar negative people, perceptions and events to the person if they are not released. 

Furthermore, a person who perceives  a hurtful trauma, creates negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs. That is another way to create these imperceptible negative energy spots. We release many of our negative spots naturally. However, sometimes we hold on to them and stored them on the energy field. When they are stored, every succeeding negative thought or feeling regarding that event adds additional dots around the first.  These additional dots cluster and form gray clouds and black blotches in the energy field. Because of the Law of Attraction, these gray clouds and black blotches, if left untended, will affect future events, perceptions, and feelings. Consequently, the darkness grows larger, denser, more powerful. The result is that they continually attract more negativity into the person’s life.

To summarize, when I do a health scan, I can see  when a person stores and resonates negative energy on their energy field.  These blocks are toxic waste that become unfinished business and they must  be reexamined, neutralized and released before the person can wholly heal. SEE VIDEO – “What is Energy Medicine?”

The Wounded Child

When  I am doing a health scan on an adult energy field, I often find black clouds attributed to an emotional wound sustained in childhood. I have observed that the part of the child that feels frightened, rejected, confused, alone and powerless, separates itself off, for its protection, and hides in a closet in the mind. The fragment sits alone and terrified until someone comes along, opens the door, throws on the light and assures the fragment that the monster is gone, and that it will be loved and protected.

The wounded, fragmented child  often develops an energy restriction in the throat chakra (energy center). This is because the fragment’s repressed need to communicate, cry or scream is usually a contributing factor to the trauma. The adult  is usually aware of feeling the restriction, but has no idea as to why it exists.

Most of all, understanding the original cause of darkness is not enough, in and of itself, to bring about a healing. A person must gain insight as a foundation for initiating the healing process. Doing some form of deep release  and positive replacement is necessary to effect a full healing. In addition, to make matters more difficult, when a wounded child is holding on to the negativity, it is the splintered child, not the adult that needs to express, release and participate in healing before the fragment will agree to integrate and become whole. Therefore, a person who does fragment healing work in a hypnotic  or altered meditative state has the ability to access the fragment and do the necessary healing work. On the other hand, when the person is  in a normal state of consciousness, only the adult can be addressed.

Healing Fragments

You can heal a fragment effectively by creating a new positive perception and experience  for the fragment. It is important to understand that while in a hypnotic state, or altered consciousness, as in deep meditation, the subconscious mind cannot determine the difference between real or imagined. Hence,  in meditation or in  a hypnotic state, the imagination can be used as a tool to experience the needed positive replacement experience, providing the will of the fragment cooperates. SEE Heal Your Fragment

Energy Blocks Can Form at Any Time

Although some wounds originate in childhood, you can create a negative emotional block at any time in your life. When you do this you are beginning the process of building a negative energy cloud. For example. when someone creates a black cloud  of guilt, it is a call for constant self punishment, sabotage and victimization. Unfortunately, all of this continues to contribute to a feeling of lack of power, which then creates even more darkness. And so it goes, round and round. Most of all, worry and fear are the classic causes of adult energy leaks that precipitate disease. Doctors call it stress

Wake-Up calls

Cancer is known as the disease of unfinished business and is usually accompanied by many unresolved forgiveness  issues. Blame, anger, self-judgment, jealousy, lack of power and self pity are some additional triggers that activate negative energy clusters. Fibromyalgia, cancer, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s disease, IBS, arthritis, gum disease, heart disease, headaches, back aches all originate due to restrictions in the energy field and serve as a signal that you need to clean your energy field and make changes in the way you perceive  and emotionally react to  aspects of your life, work and  family.

Sometimes,  a person draws in negative energy  and extreme turmoil which causes  the individual to develop a willingness to let go of the negative patterns, perceptions, values, priorities, habits and choices. This is known as the classic wake-up call. However, everyone has the option to choose alternate, faster and gentler ways to release negative energy and heal.

It is especially noteworthy for me to mention that a chemical or surgical healing, in and of itself, will not clean the underlying toxic energy on the energy field, so when one illness is fixed medically, another illness will eventually rear its ugly head. Usually, discomfort of some sort will continue until a wake up call illness arises, or some form of healing is initiated to expose and release the root energetic cause. Sometimes a person can have an awakening which leads them to  create an intention to release the old negative perceptions and feelings in order to heal.  When they develop a new positive thought process, it can  result in magnetizing to them whatever the person needs to bring about the desired healing.

Are You Ready?

Before you begin to extend your efforts towards some form of inner healing modality, consider that readiness is an essential ingredient to healing. True healing can only occur when the old patterns of creating and empowering negativity are outgrown and there is a readiness to release them.

Here are some clues to your readiness for a Medical Intuitive Energy Field Health Scan and healing. Are you:

1. willing to invite change? 
2. willing to take responsibility for life?
3. willing to release identity as the victim?
4. willing to release the past and recognize the power to create reality is in the present moment?
5. willing to let everyone else off the hook?
6. willing to change your judgmental perspectives, attitudes, opinions? 
7. willing to release attachments to wounds and self pity?
8. willing to release fear and embrace peace and joy?

If you answered yes to all the above questions, then you are ready to use your innate power to heal.

It is recommended that a Medical Intuitive Energy Field Health Scan be done once every year to become aware of the new accumulation of negative energy that resides on the energy field, and to learn how to clear it.

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Jan Meryl is not a medical doctor and claims no formal training in psychology or medicine. All her training has been gained through meditation, contact with spirit guides and many years of learning from the information revealed in her medical intuition readings. Through these modalities she has helped thousands of people to grow and understand who they really are and how they create their own personal reality. Intuitive readings will offer information about the energy that you carry. If you are seeking a  medical diagnosis or treatment, you should see a doctor.

The services provided by Jan Meryl include intuitive perception only. It is the individual responsibility of any and all participants to use your free will to determine the choices that you make in your life that are right for you.  Jan Meryl does not accept any assumed or implied responsibility whatsoever for your choices or actions made subsequent to her readings and use of her self-healing products.  Any referral to another person, product or company is done without endorsement.